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Nov. 28th, 2013

60010 / 50000 (120.02%)

Nov. 24th, 2013


51888 / 50000 (103.78%)

That means I did it! Yaaay!

I made the goal, that is. But the story is still only less than 2/3 done. .^^
I'll keep on a-writin' until the 29th, then verify my word count at that time. ... Then continue writing, until the story is finished. .^^

But I'm really excited! =D
And super tired! Oh my goodness, is it really 5:30 in the morning?


Nov. 17th, 2013

40460 / 50000 (80.92%)

Almost there!!!

Now, don't tell So-And-So, but this story is, like, all Harley. .^^
It was supposed to be equal parts Harley and Antonio, but of the 40,000 words so far, only about 7,000 of them are Antonio's part. .^^;;

He's going to kill me when he finds out.

Either way, the story itself is now officially half done (3 of 6 parts written). That means if we keep up like this, it could end up being an 80,000 word story. =D

Which, I would like to mention if I haven't already, I finished writing Clay's story recently. That story was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but kind of got really out of hand. .^^ So at 70,400+ words, it's currently officially the longest thing I've ever written, beating out even last year's NaNo novel.

.... I repeat... It was supposed to be a one-shot.

But I recommend it! =D

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Nov. 14th, 2013

still working at it

31019 / 50000 (62.04%)

I'm pretty ahead of the target, I think, but I still feel like I'm lagging behind. I've had so many times where I'm like, I just don't feel like writing right now. It's sad.


Nov. 7th, 2013

more and more

21760 / 50000 (43.52%)

This one's actually accurate. .^^

I did get a good head start over the holiday day, but now my progress and momentum have slowed a lot. Which is sad, considering it's been less than a week since I started.

But then, it's been less than a week, and I'm almost halfway to the goal already. ... And I've only written 1.5 out of 6 parts. .>_> So either this story is all rambley bullshit (hint: it is), or it's a masterpiece (hint: it's not).

Spoiler: it's explaining quite a bit about Antonio's eyes. =3

Nov. 4th, 2013

Start those progress bars

13936 / 50000 (27.87%)

Like last year, my progress bars won't accurately reflect how much I've actually done. Since I write everything out by hand, with a pencil and paper, then have to type it up, this is simply where I stopped typing.

I think right now I'm actually at around 15,000 words.


Yes, I wrote 15,000 words... in three days. .O_O


Oct. 31st, 2013

NaNoWriMo part two!

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I am going to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year. Only because I didn't technically finish the story last year. (I kind of ended it with a cliffhanger.. Heh..) So this year should be the stunning conclusion, which at least one person has been begging me for for almost a year now. (And you have no idea how happy it makes me that I have a fan. Even if it's just one.)

So things will be kicking off here in just short of an hour. I don't know how it'll go, since the story from here isn't as clear to me as part one was, but I'll try my best!
I'm grateful that the first day happens to be my day off, and Monday is a national holiday, so I'll have an extra day free to lock myself away and scribble words. Hopefully, it'll give me a good head start.


Series: Back of the Sun - Another Side, Book Two
Characters: Antonio, Günter, Stefano, James, Harley, probably everyone at some point or another
Genre: Action, romance, porn, etc.
Currently at: 2,863 13,936 40,460 51,888

Wish me luck!

(P.S. If you haven't read Book One and want to, it's here.)

Feb. 5th, 2013

sidestory 3

Here's one of the side stories I've been working on. Random fun.

A notable thing about this is that it was entirely written on my iPad. .^,^
Ok, I thought it was cool.

Title: Point and Shoot
Series: as-of-yet-unnamed series that needs a name
Characters: Nicholai, Luciano, some Antonio
Genre: gen./romance/porn
Rating: R
Warnings: brief smut

Dear Lord, Papa was right. )

Jan. 25th, 2013


I feel like I haven't posted anything meaningful in a while. I blame work.

No, really.

I don't know if I've mentioned here, but my current work situation really blows. Like, remember how I had (literally) three times more work than any of the other native teachers last year? Yeah, it's that all over again. Thankfully it's not quite three times more, but once again, as usual, I have more classes than any of my co-workers, and every time I turn around I'm getting more classes added in to my schedule. I'm now working six days a week, since one of the other teachers here up and left to move to Tokyo (and in return for abandoning her students, she got promoted to Student Care Coordinator - but that's a rant for another day), and some of her classes were pushed onto me as overtime. Then they go and add more kids classes to my schedule. All after I already had more classes than anyone else. And no, nobody else is getting more classes forced onto them. Only me. And every single day, everyone else will have at least one hour - usually more - where they have nothing to do, except me. I don't get a break. I don't even have enough time to eat while at work.

My motto the past few months has been "I don't want to be justified in my anger." Meaning, as much as I don't like my tendency to flip out over nothing, I've come to think it's preferable to having a legitimate reason for being so pissed off all the time. However, in this case, I am justified.

Two of the other native teachers here, of their own accord, have gone to personnel and told them what's being done to me is bullshit. I didn't ask them to, I haven't even complained openly to anyone, but they saw it, and stood up on my behalf, because even they see that this is a really shitty thing to do to someone. It's not just me overreacting; other people are seeing it.

Last week the staff informed me that I would have to do some special lessons this week, and the other night one of the other teachers messaged me saying he would do them for me. And he did, and I'm extremely grateful that for once someone was willing to step up for me.

I keep telling myself things will get better. I can only hope so.

So that's the work front.

On the social front, I amazingly had a friend visit me. It was odd, because this friend has straight up said she wouldn't ever come here (she lives in Tokyo). This friend has traveled all over the fucking world to attend seiyuu events, but absolutely refused to visit a friend just a few cities away. And yes, I have visited her in the past, in Japan as well as when we both lived in California. So when she out of the blue wrote me saying "I need to visit you," I have to admit, I was suspicious. We had a lovely, fun day-and-a-half of hanging out, of course, but I can't help but wonder at the sudden change of heart.

As for games, a co-worker gave me an extra copy of 'Dragon Quest IX', and I've been playing that almost every moment I'm not at work. It's rather fun, and I especially like that the characters are my own created characters. As usual, I become addicted to anything I can customize.

In story news, I posted all of 'Between the Two' over at, so if anyone was actually reading it, it's there. I don't know if I'll finish posting it here as well. It seems a bit pointless now, and is a bit more work. I think aside from short side-stories, I'll probably just post everything over there from now on, and link it here.

Which, with that said, I've also posted the first part of the thing I wrote for NaNoWriMo there as well. It's pretty much totally un-beta'ed, as I'm really no good at self-editing, and decent betas don't exist. But... There it is. (And I usually update on Tuesdays, my only day off, for anyone who wants to follow it for some odd reason...)

Over the holiday, I was grabbed by several side-story ideas. I started writing one in one notebook, but didn't take that notebook with me to Kyoto. In Kyoto, while waiting for the bus, I started working on another story on the iPad, but am currently a little bit stuck with that, and only seem to work on it when I have absolutely nothing else to do. Then, a few weeks ago, when I was going out to eat I figured I'd do some writing on the other story I'd started, but when I got to the restaurant I realized I'd brought the wrong notebook. .>_> So I started a new one in the notebook I had with me. ... In conclusion, I'm currently working on three short stories at the same time. I hate when I do that.

And finally, on the dolly front, I'm enjoying the new boy very much. I know I've been sharing pics of him on Facebook and Tumblr, but since I haven't introduced him here, I will. So...

Meet Clay!

Yes, he's that Clay, and no, I don't currently have any plans to get a Nicholai. (But if something perfect is released.............)

Clay's head is a smidgen too big for his shorty short body, which kind of suits him, and I'm absolutely in love with him. Totally enthralled. I want to spoil the bejeezus out of him.

And in dolly story news... I've been in absolutely no mood to take any photostory pictures for months now.

I blame work.

I have no reason to use this icon, but I'm going to anyway.

Edit- Ooooooooooh~ I just realized it's Tachi's birthday. Six years! Happy Birthday, Lovie. ♥

Dec. 7th, 2012

sidestory 2

I wrote this a while ago, after researching about raising a blind child. I was a little bit surprised that blind kids actually need to be taught to trace their way around, it's not innate or instinctive. Then I wrote this, but never posted it. Heh.

Title: untitled
Series: as-of-yet-unnamed series that needs a name
Characters: Kiku, Luka
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: So much fluff.

Can I sleep with you? )


Nov. 27th, 2012


There! Officially finished and validated!
I proud me.

Now, the story is actually only half done, but I decided I'm not going to finish it right now. I left it off at a good place, with a grand total of 58,411 words, and am calling that "Book One" (for now). I'd really like to upload it somewhere, but.............. first I'd really like to have someone beta-read it. Except that literally every single time I've gone out on the internet and found a beta-reader for something I've written, I've sent them my story, then never heard from them again. So either my writing is that bad, or the internet is full of flakes. So I'm really kind of at a loss for what to do now.

I'd also really like to take up CreateSpace's offer of printing the story as a book, but the "free" offer has to be paid for with a credit card (for shipping or something), and I don't have a credit card. .;_;


Nov. 23rd, 2012

I did it I did it I did it!

50106 / 50000 (100.21%)



And the story isn't even half finished yet. I haven't even gotten to the part with Günter in it yet, and that was going to be my favorite part to write.

But, I'm totally proud of myself. .^___^

And now I'm going to sleep for a week.


Nov. 21st, 2012

Out of the woods!

40001 / 50000 (80.00%)

Yes, I did purposely stop typing at that paragraph, because I liked the number. .^^

"Only" 10,000 more to go. Could I actually pull this off?

edit -
Ok, stupid question but... If I hit the 50,000 words before the story is finished, can I still submit it to the NaNo site? Or do they require a real ending for it to count?

Because don't think I won't pull a "And then an asteroid hit the Earth and everyone died!"


Nov. 13th, 2012

It's not a hill, it's a pit.

26468 / 50000 (52.94%)

I'm over half way there~! w0000t!

And yes, it is almost 6:30 in the morning. Yes, I am hyped up on caffeine and chocolate.


Nov. 9th, 2012

More progress.

18037 / 50000 (36.07%)

As usual but not actually previously mentioned, these status bars aren't necessarily all that I've written, simply what I've typed up before getting bored/tired/frustrated with typing.

But I'll talk about that at a later time.

Today's topic is: Antonio's mouth

It always surprises us when Antonio swears. (I say like there are any real people here.) He always acts like he's so high-class and cultured, but then out of nowhere will drop an F-bomb, and we'll all be like "Woah, did you just say that? What happened to Mr. Prima Fancy Pants?" I think Quincy put it best when he said Antonio is "deceptively crude." I don't know where he picked that kind of language up from, as his father certainly doesn't use such crude words.

The brat.

Also, I hardly did any writing at all today. D= I just didn't have time. And I feel awful about it.

Nov. 6th, 2012

Out of the gate

11405 / 50000 (22.81%)

There are two little bits of information I've discovered/realized during this trip so far.

1. Antonio likes to sit on people's laps when confiding in them. This is not a new trait, but I am just actually realizing it for the first time, and apparently it's been going on since he was a kid.

2. Antonio had a childhood crush. XP How cute.

Now for some espresso latte, because it helps me write Italians better, and back to work.


6232 / 50000 (12.46%)

Nov. 3rd, 2012


I blame [info]cashew for this. It's all her fault.

Fine. I will try NaNoWriMo. I don't know how well I'll do or how far I'll get, especially since starting next week I'll be working six days a week again. But in the end, I am rather curious as to how far I can get. So, I'll try. TRY.

Series: Back of the Sun - Another Side
Characters: Antonio, Stefano, James, Harley
Genre: Action, romance, porn, etc.
Currently at: 6,232 18,037 26,468 58,411

Don't expect too much.

Oct. 23rd, 2012

Two - 6/10

It's almost sad how slow I am at posting this, considering the story is done, just needs copy-pasting....

Title: Between the Two
Genre: drama, romance, mm/yaoi/slash/gay/whatever you want to call it
Rating: R/NC-17 - there are some detailed sex scenes, but it's not a smut story
Warnings: Gender issues.

Chapter Notes: Nothing in particular.

Furry boots. )


Aug. 27th, 2012

Two - 5/10

And here's this.

Title: Between the Two
Genre: drama, romance, mm/yaoi/slash/gay/whatever you want to call it
Rating: R/NC-17 - there are some detailed sex scenes, but it's not a smut story
Warnings: Gender issues.

Chapter Notes: D'aww.

Cute, brown suede shorts. )


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