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Aug. 3rd, 2010

summer work-cation

So apparently in Japan's junior high schools there's a competition called the Interactive English Forum. Much like the name implies, it's an event where students are put into groups and talk about a topic in English. The topics are things like 'my school', 'my dream', 'seasons', etc., and the students are judged as they talk, and scored on their English skill, as well as their ability to keep the conversation going. Each school sends eight students - four second-years (8th graders), and four third-years (9th graders). The first level of the competition, the city-wide tournament, was last month, and of course my junior high participated.

We had been working with our students for a few months beforehand, and they had me working exclusively with the second-years (so during the event I felt a little bad, since I talked mostly with them, and only watched them - I wasn't ignoring the third-years, per se, but I couldn't help but not feel nearly as invested in them, since I hadn't spent any time with them at all). Our second-year students were two girls and two boys. The girls were very good; they have good English (they also go to a private English school outside of regular school), and came up with good, insightful things to say for the topics. The boys................ were ok. .^^; One of the boys has average middle school English, but he's very enthusiastic about it. He wants to learn a lot; the problem is, when he tries to speak English outside of class (as in, when he doesn't have his notes and textbook right in front of him) he gets very nervous and locks up. The other boy has average middle school English as well, but lacks the interest... or a long- or short-term memory... or ideas of what to talk about in a structured format. Etc. .^^

Anyway. Because our girls were good, we had high hopes for them, and one of the them ended up getting (randomly) chosen to be in the very first group of speakers in the very first round. .^^; She was sooo nervous! I felt bad for her. But once she got up there and started doing it, she rocked it so hard I wanted to cry tears of pride. =P Then our next girl gets up, and she blew 'em away too! I wanted to jump up and down for them.

To make a long story short, out of seven schools, those two girls of mine ours were among the ones picked to move on and represent the city of Chikusei at the next stage, which I believe is the west side of Ibaraki prefecture. I assume if they go on from there it'll be to all of Ibaraki, Kantou, Honshu, etc.

(Though, the other ALTs and I were talking and admitted that if any of our students made it to where they're going against Tokyo students, they'd probably get crushed, seeing as Tokyo has kids who've spent half their lives in America or at boarding schools in London, or who have foreign English-speaking parents at home, or something.)

So, the only thing about them moving on is it's meant me spending part of my summer vacation working. But this is a good thing! Because otherwise I'd be spending the entire five weeks not leaving my apartment (instead of just most of it). .^^ And I'm happy to help, so it's not really work at all.
.... And it doesn't hurt that our English teacher in charge of the forum stuff treated me to sushi train sushi today, as a thanks. .^,^

And also, the other "fun" part about the forum last month was that apparently they wanted we ALTs to say words at the opening and closing ceremonies. Except... nobody bothered telling us until we got there. .^^; So I walked into the auditorium and got told "You're giving the closing statements." ......... Eeh!? ... Well, luckily for me closing the event meant I had all day to think of what to say, and I think I gave a nice little speech. Wasn't bad at all... especially knowing the only ones who understood me fully were the other ALTs. XD
(Actually, beforehand we were joking "yeah, we could just stand up there and be like 'blah blah blah you, blah blah good job, blah, thank you' and nobody would know the difference." Then we dared one of the guys to just say the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' rap, but he didn't.)

So yeah. It's been fun, and I totes proud my girls. Tomorrow is the next level, so~


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Sep. 3rd, 2009


I am SOU glad I graduated. First they raise tuition, then cancel classes "until further notice." So... what's that raised tuition going towards?

Looks like I got out just in time.

In completely other news, I discovered today that lemmings are awfully freaking cute. X3

Feb. 19th, 2009


Well, between midterms, presentations, Grandpa going to the hospital, brother going to jail, trying to plan a trip to Virginia (of all places..), death, and taxes, things have been really freaking hectic this past week.

Err... minus the death. That didn't happen. It just sounded good with the "and taxes" for some reason.

To give an example of what this week has been like: Friday there was a moment where I had my brother on the phone in one ear, and his wife on my cell phone in the other ear. The phone was ringing, literally, every two minutes that day, all while I was trying to take pictures for my Japanese presentation and silly Valentine's photostories.
Work was the calm time that day.

So I was going to write all about everything that's happened, but I suddenly don't feel like it.

Except to say that my presentation went without a hitch. Perfect. .^_^
Then did so-so on the midterm.... .>_>

My stress reliever? I found this great new anime series (that everyone's been talking about .^^ ) called 'Kuroshitsuji' ('Black Butler'). I'm loving it! I've devoured six episodes today alone.

And now I shall go watch more. >3

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Feb. 4th, 2009

My life, let me show you it..

So let me tell you about my day.

Well, no, we'll start with last night. When I got home from school last night there was a very loud, very obvious hissing of air leaving my back tire. Yes, the one I just got replaced three months ago. It was dark and there was snow in the treads, so I couldn't see anything, but I knew it would be totally flat in the morning. So at least I could be prepared.

So this morning, as I went about getting ready for school, I debated between going out a bit early to put on the spare, or just asking if I could use Grandparents' car. Since I don't like being a nuisance, I went out early, in the cold-ness, and replaced the totally flat tire with the spare.

Then I went to school, taught a good class, and my students asked good questions. And things were going so well, I lost track of time and we ended up dismissing late.

Grabbed a bite to eat on my way to the tire place, then got my tire fixed, which ended up costing me nothing, 'cause the tire place is awesome like that. It just... took about an hour.

I had about an hour and a half of free time. When I got home there was a package or two waiting for me, so I spent time playing with dollies. And B now has yet another pair of shoes that don't fit him. .-_-

And then work. Which was basically work. But! They have this little game thing going on a continuous basis, where if a cashier finds a little tag in a purse or bag (because we're supposed to open up and look inside all bag-type-things, so this is their way of making sure we're doing that) she can write her name on it and every month they have a drawing. And apparently I was the winner for January. w00t. So I got to get anything from the store for $10 or under. And since there's this candle that I've really really really wanted for ever but have always been too cheap to actually buy, I finally got it. It smells like lavender and vanilla, and it is burning right now. .^_^

Then I came home. And here I am.

The point is, I've had all of an hour and a half to myself in the past... week.

tl;dr version: In two days I wrote a presentation, had sushi, got said presentation checked by sensei, presented presentation, changed a flat tire, taught a class, got flat tire fixed, and worked at my part-time job. All while desperately trying to get a dollie story posted, and suffering through doom!cramps.

In conclusion, I can do it all. Fuck you, JET. You lost the game.

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Jan. 16th, 2009

Can't post, too cold..

Actually, I've been so freaking busy! (I haven't even had time to play with dollies.. .;_; ) Now that I'm back in school, always too busy.

Teaching as been going ok. I'm teaching English at an adult-education place; so far my class has 11 students, and all but two of them are Spanish-speakers. Eight of the students are from Mexico, one from Peru, one from China, and one from Japan. And of the 11, there are three I haven't met yet, since they haven't been coming to class. I wonder if they'd eventually be dropped off my class roster?
It's always scary just before the class, when I sit there and dwell on how I have to stand in front of a bunch of people who aren't going to understand most of what I say, but when I'm actually doing it, it's not that bad. I do have a few students who spend more time talking to each other than practicing their English (and these are adults?), but I've said most of my life that if I were a teacher and had a situation like that, I'd keep right on going so the people who are paying attention and are anxious to learn can. So I'm trying that theory now.
And hopefully, in the end, I'll get a shiny TESL certification out of it.

Over winter break, I had several things I wanted to do with my extra time. .... I got one of those things done. .^^; And that was reading a book.

I forget, sometimes, that reading was my first true love. But the past few years the only things I've had time to read were books for school, and I've gotta tell ya... academic reading is so boring. I hate books that have to quote a source every other sentence - it's so disruptive to the flow of text. I understand it's a necessary evil, but really..
But over break, I sat down and read a regular ol' story book, just for the pleasure of it. I've owned Armistead Maupin's 'The Night Listener' for several years now, but never read it. Actually, a year or so after I bought it the movie of it came out, and I said I didn't want to see the movie until after I'd read the book. But then I picked up and started reading 'The Tale of Genji', and said I didn't want to start on any other books until I'd finished that. Well.... I've been working on Genji for four years now, and I'm not even half way through yet. .^^ I think that's going to be a lifelong project.
So I started on 'The Night Listener', and finished it in a week and a half. .^^ It was that good. And then I rented the movie (I like how between the time I bought the book and read it, the movie had come out, went to video, then moved from the new releases section to the regular shelves at the video store.. .^^; ). The movie was... almost completely different, and a little disjointed. Actually... the further it went away from the book, the better it became as a movie.
Anyway. Good book, I totally recommend it.

Saa~ And there was so much more I wanted to write, but, as usual, when I finally get to sit down, I forget it all.

Oh! And work has been weird.

Yes. That is all. .^^;

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Dec. 5th, 2008


Ya know... sometimes I really just amaze myself.

I was so sure I wasn't going to get all my final projects/exams/homework/etc. done. But... once again, I pulled it off. It left me with absolutely no time at all to do anything else, but I did it. Turned everything in this afternoon.

Then came home and took pictures.

So this is a little late, and really short, but... there ya go.

And ya know.. even though we're still getting to know each other, I'm really.. so very much in love with Q. He's so cute, and interested in things, and.. why, I believe he may be a touch shy. He's adorable! I want to squeeze his tiny resin head.

He's sitting here with me, watching. Always watching~

Oct. 29th, 2008


So much to update on... I guess...

1. Japanese mid-term last week. Got an A. Not bad (not an A+, but...). There was an oral presentation part, and I practiced mine over and over and over and over until I absolutely knew it by heart. Then I got up there and... nothin'. .~_~ But I still did pretty ok on it.

Didn't do anything for TESL class though. But we did have to write and turn in our first lesson plan. And apparently she really liked mine. =3 So school-ness is going well.

2. Saturday my sister and I went to a concert. A NEW KIDS ON THE freaking BLOCK concert! XD It was pretty amazing; after 15 years, they've still got it (the right stuff?). And I spent waay too much money on all of two things.. =x The program book is huge! I'll take a picture of it later. But yeah, great show. And they sang my favorite song from their new album, which made me obnoxiously happy. But also a lot of their old songs, which also made me very happy.

However, I am never riding with my sister again. Ever. Her driving scares the shit out of me. Please to be braking a little further than two feet away from the car in front of you. =x

3. From Sunday on, everything's pretty much gone downhill. Since I was up all night Saturday from the concert, I couldn't sleep because my head was ringing so loud. Then I had to be up for work Sunday at 7am. And wouldn't ya know, after working for seven hours on three hours of sleep, I came home to a house full of screaming children. Well... first I just drove by the house, 'cause there were so many cars in the driveway I had no place to park. 'Cause... you know... gods forbid they should leave a place for the people who actually live here. So I just went to Starbucks for a while, hoping to waste some time and maybe they'd be gone by the time I got back. Starbucks was a bit of a letdown, as they got my order all kinds of wrong, and I didn't really have anything brought with me to do, since it was unplanned, so I just read a little bit of a book I had in my car, but it wasn't very interesting. And by the time I got back home... they were still. there. .-_- Carving pumpkins. Why the fuck couldn't they be doing this at their own house? OH! Because it's so much easier to go trash someone else's fucking house so ya don't have to clean up. Douchbags.

So I called Née and asked if I could hide out over at her place, and of course she said ok. And she even fed me and gave me ice cream. This is why I loves my Née. And we played around on Gaia all night.


And I was going to go on but I just realized I have to leave for work in 20 minutes, yet am not dressed, nor have I had anything to eat yet today. .~_~ Fuck.

Never any fucking time to do anything.

But I will be back. Oh yes, I will.

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Oct. 15th, 2008

zOMG real life!

It happens.

So today I got up at 7:30 in the morning to meet with an adviser, simply to have him tell me everything was all right. And ya know... had I but known that's all I would have gotten out of the meeting... I still would have done it. .^^ I feel worlds better now.

See, last time I talked with an adviser (in May, I believe) I was told I was missing a class for my complimentary area, and was given a list of classes I could take to cover that. One of the classes on the list.. was a class I've already taken (one of the very first classes I ever took here, actually .^^ ), so I asked about that, and was told that, yeah, it was just missed before, it does count, my complimentary area is DONE(!).
Then, I had checked our online degree evaluation a while ago to see if I was missing anything, and it had a big, glaring, red-lettered NO(!), I didn't have everything I needed in my primary area. And I was like "Whaaat!?! But-! But, all those Japanese History classes I took! D=" So I asked about that as well, and adviser-san said they would count, it's just that the online evaluation thing is brand spankin' new and doesn't recognize some things yet. So, actually, my primary area is also DONE(!).

So technically I could have applied to graduate this semester, instead of next, but I planned on going one extra semester anyway, so I could take Advanced Japanese, for starters, and also the last course I need to get TESL certified. ::thumbs up:: Of course that will require actually teaching, which scares the crap out of me, but... I'll do it. Fo' sho'.

Main point is, though.. by April of next year, my 10-year college career will finally be finished.

In completely other news, today I bought a bigger coffee than usual from 7-11, just so I could get an Obama cup. XD Not that I won't need the extra coffee, since I got up at 7:30 in the morning just to be told everything is all right. .^_~


Sep. 20th, 2008


You know I'm back in school when doll stories only come every few weeks instead of every few days. .^^

But here, is cute.

And I'll randomly mention how I spent, literally, about 15 minutes just staring at this picture. ::wibble:: There's just... so much love there. =3 It makes my heart go "doki doki." That is to say, I'm deeply in love with their love.

But anyway.

Yeah, school has started. Light semester - I'm only taking the next Japanese class, and Teaching English As A Second Language. Pretty exciting stuff. ;P I'm enjoying it.

Last weekend I was supposed to go to a doll meet, but they changed the date to this weekend... but I had already taken last weekend off of work, so no doll meet for me. But so's not to waste the weekend off, Nee-chan and I went to the Renn. Fest. .... And OF COURSE it was POURING RAIN all weekend. .-_- (and people wonder why I hate my life?) That did not, however, dissuade us from going. So we went in the rain, trudged through the mud, had a ball. Didn't wear our costumes even though we spent three days making mine. Good times.

Umm... let's see.....

There's actually a lot going on right now. Several... things.. have come in, all at the same time. >3 So I'm getting that prepared. Plus another little project I'm working on. Busy busy, and all that. Hopefully everything will come together. Hope hope. ::crosses fingers::

Oh, and at work apparently the managers had some kind of team leader meeting, and they all got to name one employee that they felt was exemplary, and one of them named me. .^_^ So I got a little treat bag with candy. =D

And... I think that's all.

Mar. 27th, 2008


So Monday it seemed relatively warm (and by "warm" I mean, not blizzarding) when I let Kura-pup outside, and I briefly thought about switching over to my jacket, instead of heavy winter coat. But in the end, I lazed out and didn't feel like switching the multitude of stuff I keep in my pockets, so just wore the big coat. Turned out, later on it was freezing, so I was glad I wore it afterall.

Tuesday and Wednesday, on the other hand, were really warm. Like... almost spring warm. It was nice! So this morning I actually got around to moving things to my jacket pockets, and wore the lighter jacket today. Then at the beginning of class, someone mentioned it was snowing. But it was very light. Well, apparently very light turns to blizzard really fast. To the point where my teacher stopped in the middle of his lecture to say "Wow, it really is snowing! O_O" I should have known better to let this stupid state trick me into thinking it was ok to wear a light jacket.

Damn it, Michigan! This is why everyone hates you!

But I did go rent myself 'Soul Calibur Legends' for Wii. >3 OMG, after playing for 3 hours straight, my arm is SOU tired. .^^

And finally. I have to write a report on China's official policies toward its ethnic minorities... but I don't know where the hell to find China's official policies toward... anything. .-_- I thought I'd found one official page, but all it said was "We have ethnic minorities! =D" .... So not helpful.... .>_>

I'm so lost. .;_;

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Feb. 2nd, 2008

Ok, now!

So here I am at school... on a Saturday. .^^ Had to do some research... And now that I've successfully had my way with the Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, I have some time left before I flounce off to work. So I'll finally get around to that there school update post. .^^

As usual, three classes this semester.

First is Japanese Translation. It's been a year since I've had an actual Japanese language course, and I skipped the third year Japanese class (by "skipped" I mean I didn't get in last semester 'cause it was too full, so have to wait until next fall..), but even though that's not required for the translation class, I still feel like I'm way behind everyone. .;_; But so far so good. I'm catching on ok, and it's mostly kanji learning.
Sensei is the same teacher I had for Asian Literature over the summer. He's really funny. X3 And easygoing, so the class is pleasant.
The only bad thing is there's a couple really annoying people in the class. .>_> There's this one chick who, every time Sensei says something witty or whatnot, she yells out "SOU DESU NE!" really loud. ::eyeroll:: I kinda want to smack her in the head. .... Or yell out "URUSAI DESU NE!" Yes.

I also have China And Inner Asia, for my complementary area (I don't know if I mentioned, but while the focus of my major is Japan, we also have to have a complementary area of Asia, and since China is also very interesting, I chose that area =3 ). It seems, so far, like we'll be touching on China a little bit, but focusing a lot on Inner Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, etc.) and Chinese minority races. So far, anyway.
Teacher is a white chick, which is mostly unimportant except that she's the only caucasian, and only woman, teacher I have this semester. Very smart, very nice, very into what she's teaching. I feel lucky to be able to learn from her. She's written a book or two, and apparently because of it she's no longer allowed to go to China. .^^ They've, like... blacklisted her. It's pretty interesting.

And last, but definitely not least, is Japanese History, from Tokugawa to the present. Or something. This is basically an extension of last semester's class. Same cute little Japanese teacher. And this is another instance of two classes right next to each other. .^^ This class starts all of ten minutes after China class ends. Luckily, the classrooms are exactly one floor apart. But yeah, same as last semester. Though it looks like we'll be reading some rather interesting books. Will be cool. =3

That's about it. And I'm too starving to say more. .^^


Dec. 6th, 2007

speaking of gay...

5 books to read

4 essays

1 project

1 presentation

4 weeks


B - I - C - T - O - R - Y! Bictory~!! (Ikuze! Go for it! ♪)

I actually didn't think I could pull it off, but somehow, I did. .^^ (ignoring that my Japanese History essay is short by half a page.. .>_> but then, I have yet to turn in an essay that wasn't a bit short...)

And in the end... Do you know how hard it is to write a paper containing terms such as "anal intercourse," knowing you're going to be handing it in to a teacher the next day!? D=

I need peppermint ice cream.


Sep. 29th, 2007

Can be done!

Ooh, I was going to squee about something, but forgot until just now! .^^

In my Buddhist Art class we have to do a project, either a 10-12 page research paper or a creative work using Buddhist elements + 3 page paper explaining it. =D
Well, a 10 page paper versus 3 page? Ja, leichte Wahl.

But I'm not artistic at all. I can't even draw proper stick figures, so forget painting. And I'm fairly sure I wouldn't fare much better at sculpting.

So, in a moment of brilliance, I asked my teacher if photography would be acceptable. >3 And he said yes! XD As long as I can explain in the paper what the Buddhist elements are, a photograph would be fine.

Hee hee heeeee.....

This works out perfectly, as I just happen to have a little Buddah living with me. ::manic grin::

I'm pretty excited about it.


Sep. 12th, 2007

Now for the school post of love. =3

I'm taking three classes this semester: Japanese History, Buddhist Art, and Intro to China. (nobody probably remembers, but a few semesters ago I said I was taking Intro to China, but was mistaken. I was intending to take it that semester, but it conflicted with another class, so didn't. I don't know why I posted that I was taking it... I think it was just stuck in my brain while I was typing. but I am taking it now. .^^ ) Today I randomly realized that all my professors this semester are male. .^^ Not important; just a note. Also, of the three, I've had two of them before.

My teacher for Japanese History is a cute little Japanese guy. I'm sure... I think... he was born in America, though, because he doesn't have much of an accent. Either he was born here, or has simply been here a long long time. But he's just moved to Michigan last month; this is his first semester at Oakland. He was saying a few days ago that he assumed since we're so close to Detroit, there'd be a good public transportation system, so didn't have a car (apparently he lived in a big city before..?). Then he found out he was wrong. .^^ (there's literally no public transportation around here) So he said he got a bike to get to and from school. But, ya know... fall is coming (woo-hoo!), and it's getting chilly out. .^^ Today he said he went out, jumped on his bike, and was surprised how cold it was. .^^ It was cute.

He's a pretty young guy, and I don't think he has much teaching experience. Sometimes he seems a bit nervous. ..... Or maybe that's just him. But the class itself is very interesting - I totally look forward to more of it. =3

Ten minutes after that class ends, I begin Buddhist Art. Ah, remember a few semesters ago I mentioned one of my teachers had to run off to China near the end of the semester because of a family emergency? It's him. (actually, if you want to know the end of the story, we found out it was his mom who got really sick - she ended up dying just a few hours before he arrived in China. .~_~ ) He seems a bit older this time around...and bigger. .^^* But I think that might be because instead of a giant lecture room, this semester we're in a rather small classroom.

I am learning so much about Buddhism in every class I take, I should know everything about it by heart by the time I graduate. .^^* (don't know what I'll do with this knowledge, but.....) But it's great, since it's something I've been interested in for a long time anyway. And while this is supposed to be an art history class, we're starting off by learning about the religion itself, and its spread across the Asian continent. That the teacher is so into it makes it all the more interesting as well. Today we had half the class inside, then he moved us all outside. He decided to sit outdoors under a tree would be... enlightening for us. X3

For Intro to China, I have the same professor that I had for Communism last year. He's very into the country. .^,^ China is to him what Japan is to me. =3 He's a white guy, but has studied and lived in China for a long time, and is also a political major.

The class itself seems like it'll be a lot of work - China has such a long history! - but I'm looking forward to it. As a subject on its own, it's fascinating, and the way it all ties in with my major (Japan) makes me feel my education will be very complete. =3

All in all, I think I'm going to enjoy this semester. =3

Even though it'll be a lot of hard work.


Sep. 8th, 2007

Let me tell you about my day.

I got up at 7am today (er... make that yesterday.. .^^* ). It was all in a grand effort to get to school early, just so I could get a parking spot on the same side of the campus where my classes are. .>_> Which worked, for the most part. I got a spot in the third to last spot in the closest parking lot... but at least I got in that parking lot. .>_> They need to do something about that.

First class starts at 9:20am, gets out at 10:30am. Second class starts at 10:40am. .o_o Yes, I have all of ten minutes between two morning classes. Second class gets out around 11:45am.

I got home around 12:30pm, and had to leave for work at 2pm. That gave me just enough time to change my clothes, make food, and eat.

Oh... and watch a few episodes of D.Gray-Man. X3

I'll go off on a tangent here and squee about how much I liked episode 38. X3 For starters, because they showed Tyki in non-scruffy human form. X3 SEXY, yo. But I absolutely loved the part near the end, when he meets Daisya, and he starts shaking, then sighs and calms down. It is such a "must.... not.... KILL...." moment. ::laughs:: It's so me at work. XD XD

And I also took quite the liking to Daisya. He's so fun! .^-^

Anyway. Back on track....

I was in a surprisingly good mood all day at work. (and I swear it's not because I'd randomly stare off dreamily going "Tyki... =3" ......... damn it! how did I fall so hard so fast!?!) But there were fewer asshats than normal, so that helped.

Got home from work about 11:30pm.

So. I had a grand total of about two hours of free time (counting my lunch at work).

How I'm still awake, we'll never know....

Quote of the day:
"Ooh sexy."
XD XD >3
(I'm going to have nightmares now. .^^* )

Sep. 5th, 2007

The more you know~ *star*

Clicky here. )

So, the weekend was spent at Née-chan's house. Günter didn't want to go, but I forced him. Brishen didn't especially want to go either, but I forced him too. .^^* Tachi, of course, was more than happy to go. Syn was mopey, and Gü wouldn't talk to him. Cillian bugged B by purposely sitting too-close next to him. We watched 'The Number 23' and another movie called 'The Hitcher'.

This is what we do. .^^*

Monday I went to Frankenmuth with my Dad via his motorcycle. X3 There we gorged on fine German food and went for a horse-drawn-carriage ride.

Big fun. =3

And now, the beginning of the new semester. =O This time around I'm taking:

Intro to China
Japanese History
Buddhist Art

But more on that later. .^_~

Jun. 12th, 2007

Maybe killing one's self ISN'T such a bad idea..

How the fuck do people pay for college????

Supposedly I get financial aid, but am paying the school $4000 out of pocket?????

How the fuck do people - those who aren't spoiled-fucking-brats - do it?

Tell me. Please. Before I just wander in front of a truck instead of bothering with this fucking bullshit anymore.

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May. 10th, 2007

Where school fucks me up the ass...

I just spent $250 for books... for one class.

For one class I don't even need.

Needless to say... I'm pissed.


Apr. 24th, 2007

Freedom~! ...almost

Could...could it be? Is it possible? Am I actually done with all my projects and reports and presentations?

Could it be true!?

::sparkle:: It is! =D

And I've got two of my finals out of the way as well! =D One more and I am officially done for the semester! .^_____________^

Free time, here I come! .^__^

At least a little bit, anyway. .^^

On the work front.. Of all the retarded things, they had me scheduled to work six days in a row... during finals week.

What... the fuck.. .-_-

So I said fuck that shit, and took Saturday and Monday off, which I actually used to study (I proud me .^^ ). But because I had originally been scheduled six days without any time off, I have two days (tomorrow and Thursday) off in a row. .^^ Then next week I have three days in a row off. XD Because I took Sunday off (doll meet), wasn't scheduled for Monday, and can't work Tuesdays. So three days free! =D (I changed my availability so I can't work Tuesdays or Thursdays, since those are the [only] days I'll be in class all day for spring semester. but since the semester won't have started yet, next week I'll have those days entirely to myself. =D )

And my big plan for these free days I've acquired?

To READ!! .^______^

Yes, READ! For FUN!

I've been so depressed that I haven't been able to do any recreational reading for months, so it's high time I make up for that. .^_^

And hopefully this coming semester will be less intense then the last. I've been so tired lately~

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Apr. 13th, 2007

There's something pretty amazing going on in this brain.

Another report and another presentation DONE!

The paper was for Asian Art History, and I'm fairly sure I failed it. .^^* I just didn't know what to say! But that's the class where the teacher had to run off to China, and the report was just e-mailed to him, so at least I don't have to face him when I learn I suck at comparing and contrasting two paintings. .... .>_>

The presentation was for Women in Japan class, and I did the topic Women in Japanese Theater. Did you know Kabuki was actually created by a woman!? =x Ironic, since 26 years after its conception they were kicked out.

Anyway. During this presentation I predictably trembled like a leaf the entire time. .;_; I hope it didn't show up in my voice too much. =(

But I did thoroughly enjoy my topic! And I definitely enjoyed the... research. >3

The historical part was cool, with the Kabuki, Noh, and Bunraku, but when I got to contemporary stuff it totally rocked. I touched a bit on the Takarazuka, and got to show the 'Gone With the Wind' clip, which the class enjoyed. But I only talked about them a little bit, since my last presentation was about them specifically.

Then I went on to anime musicals. >3

Of course, I spent a lot of time on the Sailor Moon musicals, since they're a good example of... well... women in theater in Japan. .^^ The cast is 98% female, just by nature of the series. And I got to show the clip of one of my favorite Seramyu songs, Sailor War Supreme. >3 Totally awesome! And a lot of the people in class (which is mostly all girls, by the way. because it's a Womens' Studies course in addition to International Studies. there is, literally, only one guy in the entire class.. .^^ ) knew Sailor Moon, but hadn't heard of or seen the musicals, so it was entertaining for them.

And then... I talked Tenimyu. XD XD

I was so amused with myself when I realized I would be able to fit Tenimyu into my presentation despite it being all men in the cast. Since... you know... all the fans are female. So I got to show off pictures of the hot guys, but still keep it on topic by emphasizing that for a musical based on a series made for boys, the entire myu fanbase is girls. X3 It was perfect. And I wanted to show a clip of it, but to be an example of my point I needed a clip of the fans screaming obnoxiously loud. (and this is where I say the "research" was way too fun - it required me to look at a bunch of Tenimyu clips on youtube X3 ) Well, the one that ended up showing my point the best was St. Rudolph's entrance from 'Dream Live 2nd'. The class laughed when they heard the screaming. ;P And yes, I did hear someone comment "is he carrying a stuffed duck??" .^^* And then when I mentioned that I had personally gone to Japan to see these musicals... three times... one of the girls called out "I can see why!" XD

What can I say? Hot boys win all. XD

So, despite my trembling the entire time, I rather enjoyed giving this presentation. And I am, so far, th only one to get applauded at the end. .^_____^
(which, actually, is amusingly appropriate, given my topic ;P )

I also wanted to mention that when we were first told we'd have to do a presentation one of my first ideas was yaoi/shonen-ai/BL. But I decided against it just because I didn't think I'd be able to find any good, academic information. Luckily, one of the other girls had the same idea, but went with it. X3 So we got to see a yaoi presentation anyway. ;P

Well. Then two more people gave presentations, and all of a sudden... the fire alarm light started flashing. .o,O We all stared at it for a minute before someone asked "....should we leave?" ::laughs:: 'Cause apparently we don't know what to when the building is on fire. .^^** Everyone evacuated the building, and after standing around a while we asked the teacher what we should do and she said we may as well just leave. So we did. .^^

Have I mentioned my life is weird? .>_>

Work, bleh. The murky spot on an otherwise good day.

Came home, there was a box! A box for me! =D

My Rikkaimyu DVD came!! .^_________^

....and I can't watch it! DX DX DX 'Cause I don't have a region 2 DVD players.. .;___;

But Née-chan does! =D

But I won't even have a chance to meet up with her until at least Monday! .;o; And even that's if she's free... .;__;

Oh the drama..... .;_;
(see, I've resisted downloading it because I wanted the arrival of my DVD to be special. I didn't want to be like "oh it's here! .... ::puts on shelf 'cause don't need to see again::" ya know?)

Saa... Anyway. Left for school is the report to go along with the presentation, a skit for Japanese class, and three finals.

Waa, burnout. .@_@

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