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Nov. 28th, 2013

60010 / 50000 (120.02%)

Sep. 23rd, 2013

To be fair, it was delicious.

Quote of the day:

"I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me but I keep drooling all over this god damn sandwich."

Jun. 30th, 2013

Wie geht es Ihnen? Guten Morgen

Do you know what this is? This is Günter in the morning.

You know he'd sing to himself in German while making his coffee. ;P

Apr. 5th, 2013

I shouldn't sing

And it blah blah blah!
And I don't actually know the words to this song!

Mar. 28th, 2013

I've been in a Kazu mood.

And HERE we have a Tezuka sitting between an Atobe and a Fuji. ...... And I don't think the three of them have ever acted on stage together before. .^^;

Jan. 29th, 2013

Wildly OOC... maybe.

Quote of the day:

"I'm all 'Gü, you're supposed to be angry in this scene. Show me anger!' and he's just like 'Tee hee, my husband is standing next to me'."

Nov. 23rd, 2012

Maybe I'm crazy.

Quote of the day:
"And he must have been like 'Don't think about my penis. Don't think about my penis. Don't think about my penis.' Calm down, Harley. She's not thinking about your penis. That's a lie, she probably is."

Yes, I talk to my characters. What?

Nov. 15th, 2012

I'm not crazy, but...

Does it make sense to say, if someone wants to stab someone else in the chest, they shouldn't go at it straight on, since they'd hit the sternum, but rather at an angle? What is the best way to stab someone to death?

....... What? It's a story involving the mafia, violence is going to happen.

Nov. 7th, 2012

Been following the elections, even from here.

WOOOOO! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Sep. 3rd, 2012



After all this time

There's still

Dog hair

All over my everything.

Aug. 12th, 2012

This is me trying to get at least one story ahead.

Quote of the day: "And that's for the Tachi/Günter fans. Wait... are there Tachi/Günter fans? What would the Tachi/Günter pairing be called? ........ Tater! It'd be called Tater! And their kids would be called Tater Tots!" XP

Ya know, I had written this script under the assumption that Günter's suit would be rather tight on Quincy, seeing as it's pretty tight on Gü. But it turns out, it fits Quincy perfectly. Which leads me to believe that Gü is just fat.

Aug. 9th, 2012

unknown troubles?

Did someone go solo without telling us?


Jul. 9th, 2012

ow ow ow

Quote of the day:

"Coffee, food, it's all the same thing."

Jun. 14th, 2012



May. 31st, 2012


Damn it. How can I be getting pulled into Avengers fandom when I haven't even seen the movie? I won't even be able to see the movie until August. And by then everyone else will have moved on. It's so not fair.

I blame Loki and his silly face.

May. 14th, 2012


Why is doll stuff so expensive!? .;o;

Those tuxes are totally getting sold off when we're done with all this. I don't care how much ye diva bitches.

Apr. 26th, 2012

Quickie B-Day

Before I head in to another fun-filled night of waking up every 20 minutes to hack up my lungs, I'd like to give a heartfelt - Happy Birthday, Günter!

Six is, like, really old in dollie years, and the poor boy is definitely showing his age. But I wouldn't give him up for the world. .^_^

Have a good one, Mein Liebchen.

Dec. 28th, 2011

with my camera in hand

Note: don't kidnap Gü. He doesn't like it.

I now have 5 1/2 stories worth of photos taken. (A 1/2 because I had spent so much time taking pictures today that I didn't eat, and by 5pm I was starving, headachy, and out of daylight anyway, so I stopped suddenly. Unfortunately, since I'll be on the go for the next few days, I don't know when I'll be able to finish it...) It's nice to get a little ahead while I can. Once I get back to work, I'll only be able to take pics every other weekend again, so I'm glad to have enough to last for a while.

And let me tell you, things will be getting exciting. ;P

Tomorrow I'll go to Comiket. And perhaps this year I'll actually wake up on time. .^^;
The PoT doujin circles will be there, as will the KR stuff, so probably I'll spend too much money.

Then on Friday I'll head off to Hokkaido! =D So excited! I even bought new, extra warm gloves.

And finally, randomly, because it amused me... I took a picture of B standing next to me, so we can all laugh at how short I am. Or how tall he is. Or something. ;P

Dec. 25th, 2011


Somehow I find this freakishly adorable.

Dec. 24th, 2011

::covering ears forever::

I'm getting really sick of hearing that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" song.

But Antonio won't stop singing it.

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