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Jan. 2nd, 2013

At last.

♪We'll become happy together~♪

Oct. 7th, 2012


Well, I finally got my internet back. And all it took was the retarded solution of unplugging then plugging-back-in the box. How utterly stupid that something so simple could cause so many problems.

Oh, and I got hot water back too, after losing that for a somewhat gross couple of days. That was a more involved process to get restored, making me go to several different places and calling people and throwing things.

I have had a really, really rough past few weeks.

But I used my internetless/showerless days for good. I became an expert at freecell, took a bunch of lovely photos, read an entire book, and finished this story.

I need a vacation.

Aug. 17th, 2012

How I spent my birthday.

This past Tuesday was my birthday, and it was.... Eeh....

Well, just read.

With pictures, of course. )

Aug. 12th, 2012

This is me trying to get at least one story ahead.

Quote of the day: "And that's for the Tachi/Günter fans. Wait... are there Tachi/Günter fans? What would the Tachi/Günter pairing be called? ........ Tater! It'd be called Tater! And their kids would be called Tater Tots!" XP

Ya know, I had written this script under the assumption that Günter's suit would be rather tight on Quincy, seeing as it's pretty tight on Gü. But it turns out, it fits Quincy perfectly. Which leads me to believe that Gü is just fat.

Jun. 19th, 2012

I feel like I'm finally, officially done with that place.

And here is the last story to take place at the old apartment. I feel like it's the final closure of a very short era.

And it reminded me that I don't think I ever posted the tour video of that place. Not that it's at all exciting.

But anyway. Dollies.

May. 7th, 2012

"Please don't go~"

It should be noted that I had this song stuck in my head the entire time I was working on this.

Now that that's settled~

Apr. 17th, 2012

Closer and closer.

First of all, when I was in Tokyo last week, I took a small trip to the Dolk shop in Akihabara, and bought this ridiculous outfit. Bask in it's glorious lace.
Eventually it'll go to XXXXXXX when he gets here, but for now we've stuck it on Antonio, as he claims he looks good in everything.

Cute, huh?

But more importantly, there's this.

And yes, I am still working with pictures I took when I was super-productive during winter vacation. And in two weeks I'll have spring vacation (Golden Week), so maybe I'll be super-productive with picture-taking again. .... Except that the next big thing will take a lot of preparation, so maybe not....

Apr. 6th, 2012


I've managed to move into my new place in Utsunomiya, but it was with a HUGE deal of difficulty. Because my life is full of special and bullshit. And I won't get into details, because that would take about 178 pages of bitchery, but let's just say I almost ended up with all my shit tossed onto the street. But through the power of super nice people (link because it's that same person) putting themselves out for me even though they totally didn't have to, I got moved.

Then slept on the floor for two days, because no bedding.

And now I'm in Tokyo for a while, for new job training. They've put me up in a tiny, dirty little guest house, where the other patrons come in and out at all hours of the night. Somehow, I've learned to sleep through it. And while working in downtown Shinjuku makes me go through this shit twice a day, it's also pretty exciting.

The training will be for another week yet, and today I discovered I was picked as one of the two teachers who will be teaching a brand new class the school is offering this year. (I say "picked" like I'm awesome or something, but actually it was probably a really random selection. It's not like they know anything about me as a teacher, since I haven't even started with them yet. They just needed two native teachers to be "guinea pigs" for this new thing, and... my life is full of special.) So next week I have to go through some extra training.

And, yes, I get paid for all this time. ~FTW~

Anyway. I'll talk more about the training later, probably, but really do want to keep this post brief.

Because the real most important part is~~~~~ this!
Which I actually did a few weeks ago, but my internet was being stupid at the time and wouldn't let me upload. Then I almost forgot about it.

But there. Enjoy. ;P

Nov. 20th, 2011

Love my boys~


I'm pretty tired, for having done nothing today.

But, not too tired to post a cute, new story.


Oct. 23rd, 2011


I just saw Kato Kazuki on TV! =D It was only for, like .8 seconds, but it was beautiful.

Anyway. I'm actually here to post this, and be happy. ;P

Sep. 21st, 2011

of the characters in my head and out

I finally broke down and bugged SOOM about when my unicorn will be shipped. They said the estimated time will be sometime in early October. So I'm looking at another two or three week wait. Which kind of makes me sad, because I have a bunch of vacation time coming up (end of semester/autumn breaks), and thought it would be really nice to have him come then, so I'd have a lot of time to play with him. But no.

I'm not necessarily upset about the wait. I know these things take time. And as I said over five years ago when I was waiting for Günter, I'd rather they take their time and send me quality work rather than rush it and I end up with a defective doll.

But what irritates me is that people who ordered long after I did already have theirs. People who finished paying off their layaways weeks after I paid mine off have already gotten shipping notices. Why is mine being held up? Are they just waiting so that I can be last or something?


But there's nothing I can do but wait. During the vacation, I'll play with and groom my other guys. I've been so busy lately, they're literally covered in dust. They need some tender loving care. Their clothes arrived, so I'll take some time to change their outfits. Maybe take some random pictures with my new camera. Maybe finish up that story that I already took all the photos for, but haven't worked on since.

Before I know it, my pony will be here.

.... And I'll be back to too busy to even touch him. .~_~

In semi-related news...

I wasn't joking when I said (elsewhere) that it'd be a lot of fun to make a chart of all my story characters. So I did it, and will share one or two versions of it here.

The first version is this.
That's the least spoiler-ful version. Since the doll stories (Back of the Sun) and the written stories have a lot of crossing over, there are a lot of characters that could be involved, so I didn't put all of them on the chart. The chart only has the doll characters that are here now and those who are/will be closely related to them, whether they're part of the crossing-over or not, and then all of the main written story characters.

The second version is more spoiler-y. Therefore, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't look at this.
That has all the names connected by color-coded lines. However, neither the lines nor the specific relationships are labeled. You can figure that out for yourselves. ;P (Though I guess some are obvious...)

And yes, that was a lot of fun. .^_^

What do you think?

Jul. 10th, 2011

[30 Kisses]

Theme: #19 - red
Character(s): Quincy

#19 )

Jun. 21st, 2011

I have other things to post about, but will do this instead.

So a long long while ago I did this huge doll owner survey, back when I only had Günter and Tachi. I was thinking about it, and decided I wanted to do an updated version of it, so here it is.

cut for extreme length )

Wasn't that fun?

Jan. 17th, 2011


Whoops, I missed a day. .^^;

Quincy's turn. )

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Sep. 7th, 2010

*insert random noise here*

Well, I guess you could say it seems like nobody is mad at me about calling in sick. If they are, they've not said anything, but a couple of the teachers were actually pretty worried about me. (I think one was convinced it was heat stroke.) But I'm back on my feet and all is well. And I've been volunteered to participate in the tug-of-war on Sports Day, this Saturday (which is why I have to randomly work on a Saturday).

And in totally other news~

Not spoiler cut, since nobody else is watching this series... .^^;;

Last week's episode of Giant Killing was exciting! Gino got pissed. ... It was kinda hot. >3 I mean... this was the first time he's ever been not smiling. And not only was he not smiling, he was pissed.
This whole match he's been having problems with his foot, so his passes weren't going through, but I'd been convinced he was just sandbagging it - pretending there was a real problem when there wasn't, just to throw their opponents off. But when he finally gets a pass through to Natsuki, and Natsuki blows it... Well, that look Gino gave made me change my mind. I think maybe he really is having problems, so that waste of a good pass is more meaningful than if he were at his usual pace.

Oh, Gino. You're so much love. I'ma name a doll after you.

Sort of related; if you can view stuff on Pixiv, look here. Is cute. .^_^

Also, I don't know when or why people started pairing Dori and Sera... but I'm not against it. XD

Anyway, I'm downloading this week's episode right now. Fun times~!

And finally~

It's been a while since I've made icons, but lately I've been inspired to make some. Not many (really...), but these are my new ones:

I've almost got one for each of my dolls. .^^

Oh! And finally finally,

I realized that last week (on the 1st) was Quincy's 2nd birthday. So~ Happy Birthday Quincy~!!
Even if we couldn't be together for it. .;_;

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May. 6th, 2010

Fun for the whole family!

I seriously came up with the best idea of my life... even though it's something that could never come to be. But I was thinking, if I knew someone who was good at drawing, and willing to draw a shitload of pictures for me, and if I knew someone who knew how to make/program video games, I would totally love to create a dating sim/otome game featuring my guys. XD

It'd be so cool! You, the player, could choose your gender at the start, and whichever you chose would affect how easy or difficult it would be to date certain characters. For example, if you chose to be a girl, it would become easier to date Tachi or B, but very very difficult to date Antonio, Quincy, or Rook (though there would be no effect on Günter or Luke), and vice versa - choosing to be a boy would make Antonio, Quincy, or Rook easier.

Of course, the whole game would have to be in an alternate universe, where the currently established couples don't apply.

It would play more like 'Angelique' (instead of, say, 'Sukisho' or 'Gakuen Heaven'), so you'd have to actually do stuff, instead of just picking responses. .^^ It would take place in a company owned by Antonio. Günter would be the company lawyer, B would be the... company doctor? (so nobody could ever call in sick? XD ), and so on. Everyone would have their own job within the company, and you, the player, would have to do your job (which would be comprised of mini-games), while at the same time trying to talk to/impress/date the characters. On any given [game] day, you could choose to do work, or go chat up one of the guys, which of course could also gain you or lose you love points with them. For example, if you put off work to go visit Günter, you'll probably lose love points, because you're not only ignoring your own work, but also causing him to miss his; Tachi, on the other hand, would welcome a break, so with him you'd gain love points. If you choose to do work (earn work points), sometimes a character may randomly come to visit you. If it's, say, Antonio, he'd be impressed, and you'd also earn love points with him, but if Luke came, he might ask you to put down your work and play, which if you agree to will earn you love points with him, but you'd lose the work points. And since there's only a certain number of hours in a work day, there's only so much time per day to get stuff done (like the hearts in 'Angelique').

If one of the characters starts to like you, he may ask you out after work, or for a date on the weekend. =3 That's when the love-love cut scenes happen. XD

At the end, I guess after a certain amount of time, you get either promoted or fired, depending on how much work you got done. And if you have enough love points with any of the characters, you could hook up, or if not, you go home alone. XD And there may or may not be a rival to interfere; I haven't decided yet (it'd totally be Syn XD .... and if you beat/date all the other guys, you can unlock him as a datable character.. .... which means to fully fully beat the game, and get all the voice clips and love-love cut scenes and special endings, you'd have to play it all the way through at least eight times). XD

So really, it'd be a very stereotypical dating sim, just with better characters. =P

And, of course, I'd want it fully voiced.

It'd be the best game ever!
(It needs a name....)

☆ More details may be added later, if I think of any. ;P

Ooh, and speaking of Günter and Antonio~ ::points to music::

Apr. 1st, 2010

goodbye goodbye goodbye

First, I'll post this, then work on a real post. =x

And it should be known, that episode is very sad. It makes me cry. .;_____;

Mar. 12th, 2010

So long..

Erg... Went to the doctor yesterday for my physical I need to move, and they gave me a bunch of shots. Well... two shots, plus drew blood. In any case, my left arm got poked three times, and it's still sore from the tetanus shot (or was it Hepatitis A? I don't know, she was saying so many different things..).

Anyway. More importantly, is this, which has a lovely view of Antonio, along with some other, more important stuff. ;P Oh, and that other stuff could possibly be considered NSFW. Nothing bad! Just... better safe than sorry.

And now, to prepare for my last day of Target.

Feb. 17th, 2010

tsk tsk..

This is the worst time to be starting this, and it was totally never planned, but it just sort of happened...

These guys....

Well... it's so like them, anyway. 'Cause rivals do it better. ::grin::

music = totally appropriate

Feb. 10th, 2010


I can finally finish this damn thing! And, not backdated, because of stuff further below.

day 30 → whatever tickles your fancy

New story~!

Gods, it took me so long to get this one done. .;_____; Been busy with work and work and work and work. I had thought when I graduated I'd have more time for stories, but.. not so much. Which is ok, since I need to work, but.. my poor boys. .;_; And since this is so late, the next one will be late, which means the Valentine's Special will be late.

Le sigh~

And in completely other news..........

Tomo died today.

Just when Grandma finally broke down and paid the vet to find out what's wrong with him, and what she needed to do to help him, and bought him insulin and was giving him shots twice a day... he just got really sick.

I don't even know what happened. He was fine just a few days ago, then started getting weaker and weaker. He was outside for a long time the other day, then when he came back he had some patches of fur that were clumped, like he'd been cut and bleeding, and there were some scabs. But we don't know if it was sores that developed, or if he got in a fight or something while out.

Then yesterday he just stopped doing anything. He wouldn't eat at all, and barely drank any water. All he'd do is lay around, occasionally moving from one spot to another. When I came home from work he was outside, and he followed me in, and he could barely walk. My Dad and I were pretty sure he wouldn't make it through the night, and I kept checking on him. He'd purr when I pet him, and I felt like I should sit with him so if he died at least he wouldn't be alone. But I had to work today, so I had to go to bed.

So when I came home from work today, I discovered what I can officially call the Worst Thing Ever - my Grandma crying. My cousin was there, and she was crying too, and I knew without being told what happened. And I've been upstairs all night, which is extremely rare for me, just chatting and keeping Grandma distracted. She's ok when she's not thinking about it.

So that's the story. We'll miss him. He was a very good kitty. But he was getting so skinny and sickly, so in the very least, I'm glad he won't have to suffer anymore. It was so hard seeing him like that. Feeling every bone through his skin when petting him.

I feel so sad. About losing Tomo, yes, but more so because my Grandma should never ever ever ever have to be sad. She deserves only good and happy things. And for as flaky as my cousin can be sometimes, I thank the gods that she was there, and that they found him together. The very thought of Grandma being alone when finding him is unbearable.

And I should probably stop blubbering like a baby now, and get to bed. More work tomorrow.

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