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Oct. 23rd, 2012

people's issues


Some chick on Tumblr's BJD tag just blatantly said only white people can be racist. She straight up said if a white person is rude to a black person based on the color of their skin, that's racist, but if a black person is rude to a white person for the exact same reason, it's not. She claims it's because of history, but you know what? Throughout my entire history, I have never been rude to anyone based on race, so if you're rude to me just because I'm white, you're a racist. And a bitch.

She goes on to say that if a white person only owns white dolls, they're racist, but if a black person only owns tan/black dolls, they're not.

Just... Wow.

Ya know what, bitch? The only racist I see around here is you. Please get the fuck over yourself.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to buy the dolls I like, not the ones you think I should like.

Mar. 21st, 2011

Witnessing complete fail... Priceless.

Yes, I play on Gaia. We all know my obsession with things that can be customized, so Gaia is a nice outlet for me. It's playing with dollies, but virtual.

And I off and on play Gaia's MMO, zOMG. I mean.. the game is called zOMG, I wasn't like, freaking out about it. ;P

So today, just now, apparently someone was stuck. Sometimes the avatar will get stuck between objects, and can't move. Usually when this happens to me, I just log off for a few minutes, then when I log back on it corrects itself. But today, someone was stuck, and didn't want to log off, and someone else was trying to help them. And they did the whole exchange over shout, so everyone in that area of the game got to "hear" the conversation.

It was a total win.

Anaeon: Type /stuck honey.
Edward Pendragon: with?
Anaeon: With your keyboard.
Edward Pendragon: ok i test
Edward Pendragon: Stuck Honey
Edward Pendragon: ==
Anaeon: ...
little vampy rook: OMG! XD
Edward Pendragon: i stuck at rive
Anaeon: just "/stuck" ...
Edward Pendragon: help me get out for rive
Anaeon: type the following characters exactly: /stuck
Edward Pendragon: Edward Pendragon: / stuck
Edward Pendragon: noting happen
Anaeon: no space.
Edward Pendragon: ok
Edward Pendragon: Edward Pendragon:/stuck
Edward Pendragon: still same
little vampy rook: Wow..
Edward Pendragon: i need report waa...
Anaeon: You sir are either trying to annoy me, or are made of fail...
little vampy rook: You need a brain, is what you need.
Edward Pendragon: get out from rive
Edward Pendragon: i can't move
Edward Pendragon: help me!!!
Edward Pendragon: TT^TT
little vampy rook: It's probably best you stay stuck.
little vampy rook: Might hurt yourself if allowed to roam free.

If you couldn't guess, 'little vampy rook' is me. ;P I mean... it's Rook. He likes MMOs.

Anyway, the person eventually "offline some mins," which I assume means they finally just logged off, but... wow.

Of course, it's very easy to believe English isn't this person's first language, so hence the difficulties understanding. That doesn't make me any less amused.

I know, I'm awful.

Aug. 14th, 2010

and I'll cry if I want to

I worked so hard to make sure I didn't end up spending my birthday alone, and at the end of the day, I really fucking regret it. I would have been better off by myself.

I just wanted one little thing, but I spent so much time making sure everyone else got to see and do what they wanted to see and do, that by the time we got around to what I wanted to see and do, it was too fucking late.

I just wanted one thing - my entire fucking reason for going, for putting up with getting pushed and shoved and stepped on by gross, sweaty asses. No matter how tired and hot and miserable I was, I tried to keep my head up, because it was going to be worth it in the end.

But it wasn't. Because even though what I wanted was right there, I was told no, that I was wrong, that that couldn't possibly be where it was, because I'm just a stupid fucking whitey who couldn't possibly be able to read the Japanese website. Surely I didn't look at that website every fucking day for a month to make sure I had the location memorized. NO. I was wrong, and everyone else was right.

Except I wasn't wrong, but because nobody bothered to listen to me, I missed out.

Just me! Only I missed out.

Happy fucking birthday to me.

Jan. 14th, 2010

out there

day 14 → a non-fictional book

I don't read much non-fiction, but I chose this..

I had to read it for a class, but found it very interesting. It made me sad and angry and WTF all at the same time. It's a good read; I recommend it to anyone into politics and/or Asian studies, even if it's not required by a class.

::nod nod::

In other news, I do not understand the tightening of security at airports in America when the triggering attack was by someone who boarded a plane in Amsterdam. You can tighten shit here all you want, it's not going to do any fucking good if they're getting on planes in other countries!!

Gods, I'm going to have to get to the airport 15 hours in advance next time I go anywhere. .-_-

Jan. 8th, 2010


day 08 → a photo that makes you angry/sad

Another easy one.....

There is very little in this world that pisses me off more than the Westboro Baptist Church. The fact that most other Christians find them bat-fucking-shit insane says a lot about their disgusting fanaticism. On one hand, I wish someone would just take them all out in a blaze of fire, but on the other hand, I'm fairly sure that would turn them into martyrs for some, and that thought is just as bad as them living. However, I do truly wish there could be some kind of law enacted that would prevent them from holding their picket lines at soldiers' funerals. I know they have a right to assemble, blah blah blah, bullshit. They are intentionally hurting people who've already lost so much, and it needs to be stopped.

And in today's news, apparently during my two days off someone over in Target's cafe got lazy and didn't label food as needed or clean as necessary, and somebody reported something, and today the health inspector came in... while I was there. .-_- And all I could say was "I wasn't here, I don't know what happened." But fuck, why do I have to deal with other people's screw-ups?

Sep. 7th, 2009


A few weeks ago one of my co-workers retired, and as I was the best trained in her area, I've more or less officially replaced her in the cafeteria at Target (hereby known as "food ave.") It's pretty much exactly what I wanted, for various reasons (more down time, a larger variety of tasks to do, no managers hawking over me every moment of my shift, etc.), but damn do we get some crazy bitches over there.

So the other day I had just gotten off lunch when some lady starts walking up to the counter. One of my other co-workers was there, as she was covering my lunch, but since I was back I took the lady's order. Or... tried to, but she couldn't seem to figure out hot dogs. She asked the difference between them, and I told her we had regular ones, all-beef ones, and bratwurst. She asked what the all-beef were made out of; I told her they were, well, beef. She asked what the regular ones were made of; I balked at why she's asking me these questions, then told her it's just "generic meat," but does anyone really know what hot dogs are made of? .^^; Then she again asks what the all-beef are made of.


And in the end, she orders an all-beef hot dog, a salted pretzel, and a drink.

As I go to get her hot dog, she goes to get her drink. She wants lemonade, but it turns out the lemonade is empty, so she tells me so. I say ok, and that I'd get to it after I got her food. The whole time I'm trying to get her hot dog, she's going on about the lemonade is out, the lemonade is out, "hey, are you going to fix the lemonade!?" I give her the hot dog and she says "are you going to fix the lemonade now?" I told her after I got her food. I think she understood me that time, because she didn't mention the fucking lemonade again, until I handed her her pretzel. Then another "are you going to fix the lemonade now?" I didn't even answer her - just walked away to go fix the lemonade.

After I fixed that and came out from back, I told her it was fixed and she finally got her damn lemonade. All was fine for a few minutes, then she came up again, saying something about she ordered a side of cheese with her pretzel, but didn't get it. I told her I didn't hear her order a side of cheese, but can get it for her. It'll be 52-cents. She goes off about why does she owe me 52-cents!?! I tell her because I didn't hear her say anything about cheese when she ordered, so I'll ring the side of cheese up for her now and get it for her. I thought it was so simple, but no. She starts going on about how the other girl, the one who rang her up, charged her for cheese, but she never got it. I told her I was the one who rang her up, but she never said anything about cheese. She said I wasn't there to hear it, because the other girl rang her up.

What.... the fuck?

I assumed she meant my co-worker, whom she saw, but wasn't rung up by. I tried explaining several times that I was the one who rang her up, but she didn't order any cheese. She starts screaming about how she didn't get her cheese, so I just yelled back "Never mind! I'll just give it to you! Ok!?" and gave her her fucking cheese so she'd get the fuck out of my face.

But Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with people!?

It didn't occur to me until later, but I should have mentioned "No, it was me who rang you up. Remember, you argued with me about WHAT THE FUCKING HOT DOGS WERE MADE OF!?!" but really wasn't in the mood to go that far over 52-cents worth of processed cheese.

Next time I'll regale you with the story of the psycho who made me give her different bills and coins for her change - twice. Because the bills weren't crisp and flat enough, and the coins weren't shiny enough, as if the money is worth more depending on how pretty it is. .... And then she proceeded to sit there and watch me for an hour and a half. Even after I'd closed. And then came back the next day and watched me some more.


Creepy bitch.

Aug. 8th, 2009

Fuck you. Oh no, I said "fuck!" But really, fuck you.

I actually had two people threaten to sue me today. For doing my job.

But before I get to that, I'll mention the lady trying to return some DVDs. She (conveniently) didn't have a receipt, and paid cash, so we couldn't do a lookup. So I went to try and do a no-receipt return, but the computer came up with "You can't do a no-receipt return on this item." The only reason I can think of for it to say that is if she'd already gone over the $70 limit for no-receipt returns, but to humor her I tried calling our authorization people (in India....) and see if they could do anything. They predictably said there was nothing to be done, but the whole time I was on the phone she was standing there saying "I can't be over the limit, I've never been here before. I've never been here before. I've never been here before!"


I wanted to drop the phone and say "Well if you've never been here before, maybe you should return these DVDs to the store you got them at." But of course, I didn't. 'Cause I have no balls need my job.

In second place for douchbag of the day is the first guy who apparently wants to sue me. Jerkface comes in with a CD saying he wanted to return it, but it was opened. I started to explain how it says right on the receipt "Same item only if opened," but before I could even get two words out he butted in with how his 11 year old son bought the CD, and we sold it to him just fine, but the album was full of expletives and filthy language, etc. and that they "don't use that kind of language in [their] house." But there were no parental warnings or mature ratings or anything on the box, so if I didn't take it back, he'll SUE SUE SUE! So, whatever, I did the return.

But really, was that totally necessary? Treating me like that was really necessary?

So apparently in this guy's house, you're allowed to be and asshole, but not say it.


Look, Dickface. I know it's not my place to judge your parenting, but lets face the facts. Your pwecious widdle baaaaaaby is going to be hearing some fucking swearing and explicit fucking language in school and the rest of the outside world, so deal with it. By high school he's either going to be swearing like that himself, or he's going to get the shit beat out of him every day for being a pansy-ass fucking faggot. So kiss my ass, and go die in a fire.

But the winner of the Douchebag of the Day award goes to the asshole who freaked. the fuck. OUT on me. Over 43 cents.

See, Michigan is one of two states that has a law where if an item in a store is marked one price, but the customer is charged and pays a different price, they get the difference back, plus 10x the difference up to $5. It's the bounty law... thing. But, see, the thing is, for it to apply the price has to be marked on the item, meaning a tag or sticker or something.

So Fuckhead comes up with a can of bug spray and says there was a sign on the shelf saying it was on sale for whatever price, but he was rung up whatever other price. The difference was 43 cents. As I start getting him the difference (being nice about not even bothering to check if he was fucking lying about the sign or not, which he probably was, as I learned he was really really just out to scream at someone about anything), he says he also wants the bounty. I say that the bounty only applies if the item itself is marked, and he starts screaming about how none of the items in the store are marked and it does not have to be marked and according to business law code-what-the-fuck-ever scream scream scream he's going to sue me if he doesn't get his five dollar bounty and "I WANT TO SEE EVERY MANAGER IN THE DISTRICT!!" and FFFFFFFFFUCK!

I wonder if he noticed that I spent most of his oh-so-mature tirade just staring at the wall blankly, looking away only to check my watch to see how long he'd been going on.

Well of course my manager had walked over to see what the fuck was going on, and I just looked at her (it was actually a really cute moment, as she was standing over my shoulder so I just kind of flopped my head back and looked at her upside-down), and she was all pleasant like "What? =3" .... Now that I think about it, I think she did that on purpose, because it made him go off all over again, quoting business law codes that he probably just made up right then. So manager just said "Go ahead and do it. We're not supposed to, but just do it."

That prompted yet another rant from Fuckhead, because "Yes you are supposed to do it! Because I know everything and am so important and entitled and will scream such words as LAW! and SUE! and ME! ME! ME! It's all about me! I want it I want it I want it! Waaaaaah I always get what I want!" (not his exact words).

So lead manager of the night is called over, and he bitches at her for a while, then takes corporate phone number so he can scream at them for a while, and gives her his phone number so all the other managers can call him to be screamed at (I assume), and after alllllll that....

I give him his five dollars.

Aug. 7th, 2009

I hate my life # 8347

So my desktop is completely dead.

Well, by "completely dead" I mean it won't start up.

And by "won't start up" I mean it gets to the "now loading personal settings" screen, then freezes. Or if it's in a really good mood, it'll load windows, then freeze, but it hasn't gotten that far in a few days.

Several people have told me there are ways to recover my files and move them over to my laptop, so I'm optimistic about that, but I don't know how to do that myself, and I don't know how much it'll cost to pay someone to do it. So I don't know. But I really really don't want to lose all my doll pictures, or the 3,000 songs I've collected over the past ten years.

And I don't have my programs, so no photoshop to edit dollie pics, and no front page to make story pages with. .-_-

I seriously hate my life.

Well, I was able to download a version of photoshop, but it's only a 30-day trial. And I think I still have my old disk for front page, but fuck if I know where it is. I'll have to see if I can find it. If not.. I don't know. I'll learn to html by hand or something.

But wait! It gets better!

As of last night, I no longer have internet in my room. Something's fucked up, YET AGAIN! Yey! So now I can't even get on on my laptop at home.

Huzzah for Starbucks!

And if I weren't already in a bad enough mood, somebody decided to start doing laundry at SEVEN-FUCKING-THIRTY IN THE MORNING. That's early even for a normal person, but for someone who goes to bed at 4am? FUCK YOU.

It is important to realize the only thing separating my room from the laundry room is a piece of wood about 3cm thick.

But, you know, god forbid anyone have any consideration for anyone else in that fucking house.

..... Aha. And now a couple of shitheads just brought a bunch of noisy kids. Into Starbucks. Fabulous.

Somebody kill me.


Jul. 13th, 2009


So we're home~!
Actually, been home for a few days, but have been resting and working and such.

So! To continue the epic roadtrip saga~

On second thought, I think I'll cut this, for length.. )

Holy Jesus, that was long. .@_@


In other news, apparently the guys weren't idle while we were gone. So we give you~

1. Fourth


2. Sixth

Photos coming soon~

Jun. 8th, 2009

Let's talk about sex, baby.

"Real porn damages the people involved both mentally and physically..."

Wow. Just.... wow, what a statement.

LOOOOOOOLin' forever~!

Dude... only if they're doing it wrong.

So, there's a thread on Den of Angels about "When does artistic dollie nudity become dollie porn?" And my opinion is... well, I want to say it's about intent. If it's showing off the doll's body sculpt or blushing or a cool tattoo or whatever, and the doll happens to be nude, that's a given that it's not supposed to be porn. And if it's a doll or dolls engaged in blatantly sexual activity that is specifically set up and photographed to arouse the viewer, that's porn. ..... Probably.

But at the same time, I don't consider just any ol' sex scene in a story/movie/book/anime/whatever, even if it's blatant sex, as porn. Sometimes, it's just a sex scene in a story, and oftentimes it's about the characters, not the sex. The sex part is just a vehicle for character and story development. This goes for doll stories as well, since the dolls are representations of a character. Etc.

So, the tl;dr version is:
nudity =/= porn
sex scene in a story =/= porn
little to no story sex = probably porn

However! I say all this as a person who sees nothing wrong with porn. Porn is good; porn is fun. I understand it's not for everyone, but there's nothing wrong with those who do enjoy it.

And I really don't know why I'm thinking about this. Probably just because I'm tired. .^^ But it does give a good lead way to~

This week's story~

Which is probably NOT WORKSAFE. But all about the story, I promise. .^_~

Dec. 22nd, 2008

I'm on a roll.

And ya know what else I hate?

Dumb hoes who don't even come up to the register until five fucking minutes after we've closed! What the FUCK!? And then the dumb cunt makes me list off how much every fucking item costs, despite the price showing right there on the register. Then she proceeds to rifle through her entire basket worth of shit for ten minutes, trying to decide what she can afford. Has me take half the shit already rung up off, 'cause she can't afford it (basket FULL OF SHIT - she thought she could afford all that??). And as I stood there for those ten minutes, I tried - how I tried - to cheer myself up by thinking "Hey, I'm getting paid to stand here." But ya know, at that point I had been there for NINE HOURS and just wanted to go the fuck home.

What the fuck is wrong with people!?

I got home at midnight.

Dec. 21st, 2008


And ya know what else I hate? Stupid fucking bitches who call me rude when all I did was MY JOB! And I did it nicely!!

You haven't seen rude. Don't bitch at me because you're not getting your way. Don't fucking lie about the quality of my work because you're too god damn stupid to keep your shit in order.

Ya know what? Just go die in a fire, dickbag. You're worthless.

Oct. 30th, 2008


Continued, but now it'll be longer.

4. Let's just say the whole week has been stupid and shitty, and I haven't felt like doing anything but have had to do everything. Usually at the same time. And now I don't even remember all the things I was going to whine and bitch about yesterday, because of everything else.

5. At work yesterday I had someone trying to return an item they purchased a year ago. And she acknowledged how long it had been, but she felt we should re-write the rules, just for her. At one point she actually looked me in the eye and asked "You won't make an exception?" Of course I said "I can't make an exception, I don't have the power to do that," but what I wanted to say was "Who the FUCK do you think you are?" And she kept saying "If it were under $35 you could do it as a no-receipt!" Over and over she said this. Yeah, we could, IF it were under $35. But it wasn't. You can "IF" all day, it's not going to change anything. IF you had returned it a year ago, we could do it.

"If it were under $35 you would take it back as a no-receipt."
"Yeah, but................. it's not."

6. The newest and best part comes from today. Just an hour ago, in fact.

The brakes on my car have been acting... odd... lately. And the light on the dashboard that says when the parking brake is on is lit, even though the parking brake isn't on. And the wheels have been squeaking and sounding funny. Etc. So since he (yes, my car is a boy) needed an oil change anyway, I mentioned these things to the service guy at the dealership. He said they'd have a look. Two-and-a-half episodes of D.Gray-man later, he came back and said... some car mumbo-jumbo that I don't understand 'cause I'm dumb and don't know shit about cars. Essentially.. Well, the good part is that the thing with the wheels is just that the rear ball-bearings needed to be replaced, and that was covered under warranty. The not good part is that the entire brake system also needs to be replaced, and that's not covered. Something broke and the brake fluid was leaking and air had gotten into places it shouldn't be and if I don't get it fixed I could find myself without brakes. And with my luck it'd be at the most inopportune time, like when I'm driving down the freeway. So it'll be done tomorrow, and in the meantime I have to be chauffeured around and/or borrow a vehicle to get to school and work.

More importantly... Anyone have $850 I could borrow? .-_-

Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm American, so I'll just put it on my credit card.


I hate my life.

7. Of course, I have my own version of therapy.

All together now~ D'AWWWWWWWW~

Ya know... If I were to sell one of those guys.............

Iya iya iya~!

edit -
8. And now I have to go take my Grandma to the hospital. .~_~

Oct. 22nd, 2008

Why are republicans so stupid?

Just a few weeks ago the ads they were running all over TV was "OMG, Obama is a celebrity! Look at what a celebrity he is! He couldn't possibly make it as president, he's more like a celebrity!"

Now? Look who's all over 'Saturday Night Live'. Why, it's Sarah bigot Palin! And no, I don't mean just Tina Fey playing her, the actual VP-wannabe was on SNL, and is saying she definitely wants to do it again.

It's almost like she's some kind of... celebrity!


Aug. 20th, 2008

Why you so dumb?

I used to think I got people. I used to think I understood people's motivations and ways of thinking.

And then I started working in retail. .>_>

I don't get it. I don't get how people can be so stupid and live with themselves. And I don't get what is so difficult about return policies. It's printed right there! In plain English. How is this hard to understand?

People bitch so much about Target's return policy. You have to have a receipt dated within 90 days; the item has to be unused; you have to have all the original packaging. It's printed on the back of the receipt - and no, it's not our fault if you can't be bothered to read it - as well as on a BIG GIANT SIGN behind the service desk. Oh, and at every single register. And I'm sure it's on the web page as well, in case ya need to check at home.

We always, always, always get people trying to return stuff without a receipt. Often, when I tell them I can't take things without a receipt, they whine "Can't I just get store credit?" The answer is no. Why would you throw your receipt away before you know if you want the item or not? In fact, shit, why would you buy something if you didn't really want it in the first place? Do your shopping before you check out.

I've had so many people in the past few days bring stuff in (like microwaves or toasters), no box, no manuals, just the item, and be like "It's broken, but I already threw the box away." .... Why the fuck would you throw the box away before trying the thing out? Fuck, in this house we have boxes that are so damn old they'll fall apart if you touch them; it's not that hard to save 'em. But the main problem is, even if it's broken, we can't send it back to the manufacturer without the box. So if we take it back, we lose out on that much money, because we can't send it back and get reimbursed. No, scratch that; we won't lose out, we'll just have to raise our prices. You, the generic consumer, will be the one losing out.

But the thing that made me really want to bash my head into the register today was the dumbfuck who wanted to return a toy with an expired receipt. And I don't mean just a little expired. The item was a gift, but she did have a gift receipt... that expired in February. So... Since our receipts give you 90 days - three months - to bring stuff back... and her receipt was six months expired... she'd waited NINE FUCKING MONTHS to bring the toy back, then got all pissed off when we wouldn't take it.

Hey, Lazyfuck. It's your own damn fault.

I just don't get it. I don't get where people get this idea that the whole world should bow down to them and change all the rules at their whim.

And furthermore! If I get one more bigot racist FUCKTARD saying "This shitty Chinese garbage!" I'm going to choke someone! The only reason everything we carry is cheap is because you fat hairy assholes cry if you have to spend more than a fucking dollar for anything. Get the fuck over yourselves! If you think American shit is soooooo much better, then spend the money, buy American, and quit your fucking whining. Don't blame other people for you being a tightwad.

And that's my rant for the day.

Aug. 12th, 2008

Read the Bible!

Why aren't you heathens reading the bible!?! Don't you know it contains all of life's answers!?!

For instance: )

Seriously, guys. Why aren't you studying this all-important, totally real, absolutely not made up by bigot kings hundreds of years ago so totally applies to today, fairy tale all knowing book of holy good righteousness?

Feb. 5th, 2008

Today blows.

No, seriously. Today can go to hell for all I care.

While school and all was fine, after class I had to get a report written. So I stop by McDonalds to eat and write. Bad idea - place was, predictably, filled with screaming-fucking-cuntdroppings who didn't know how to act like human beings. After ten minutes of hearing some moo yelling "If you don't get over here and eat yo chicken you ain't gettin' no pie!" I decided this wasn't productive, and left. For Starbucks. Where it was significantly more pleasant. Got the report done with mocha to spare, conferred with Née-chan on the phone about dollie stories, and wrote some dollie story scripts. This was all fine and well.

Before going home, I stopped by Meijer to get some tampons (I know, you totally needed to know that, right?). Got my shit, and headed to the do-it-yourself checkouts. As I walked up, the guy watching the do-it-yourself checkouts runs over and turns off all the lights on them, saying "after these people these lanes are closed."


Really? You really couldn't just let me get my TWO fucking items so I could leave?

Now let me digress. At Target, when we're getting ready to go on break or leave or whatever, we turn off our light, then finish helping all the customers in our lane before we go. If people keep lining up anyway ('cause clearly, light off = we're open. .-_- ) the floor manager will stand in front of the lane and direct people to other, open, lanes. But we continue to help everyone who comes up until all is clear. Even if it means going home five minutes late.

So why the FUCK can I not be shown the same courtesy?

So I go over the the ONE FUCKING LANE they have open, and of course there's two people in front of me who each have 40-50 fucking items. ONE OPEN FUCKING LANE. And I'm hoping the woman in front of me sees I have all of TWO items and does that polite "oh, you can go ahead of me" thing that I see often at my work.

OH, no. Of course not! Stupid fucking bitch just looks at me, then starts loading her 40-50 fucking items.



Ya know... I know I have a seriously bad temper, but when I'm in public I do keep it in check. But this time... I had had it. And I allowed myself the pleasure of storming out of line, and throwing my shit on the ground, then storming out of the store. And, oh yes, I made sure to walk past the fucktard who wouldn't let me use the do-it-yourself checkout so he could see how fucking pissed I was, and that I was leaving empty-handed.

Perhaps it's akin to a temper-tantrum, but ya know, I don't fucking care. That is bullshit. Utter, fucking, bullshit.

So I just went home. Will get my tampons tomorrow.

But wait, I'm not done.

Drove home in the pouring rain, and when I arrive, lo!, the garage is closed all but a little crack at the bottom, for the cats. ..... Well how FUCKING nice that it can be left open for the cats, but not for me. And I don't have a garage door opener (well, that's not entirely true. I have two, but naturally neither of them work. everyone else's work, but none of the ones I get do), so I had to stand there in the pouring fucking rain to open it via the keypad. .... Twice (once to finish closing it 'cause it was left partially open, then again to open it).

Thanks, guys! Thanks! At least the fucking cats were comfortable.

Come in, throw my shit down, open my room, let my dog out. Go back to my room, try to close the flimsy fucking folding door, can't because it's caught on the fucking sheet I have to have up because there's giant gaping holes in the flimsy fucking folding piece of garbage I have in liu of a real door. Long story short, I've now pretty much ripped the fucking thing off the track. Now I don't have any fucking door.

Which is just as well, I suppose.

And now... Now I'm going to go bash my head into the wall a few times, then put my keyboard back together, because amazingly if one pounds on the desk hard enough, the keys just go flying. Tomorrow I need to type my report, but then I'll have to leave early so I can stop some-I-don't-fucking-know-where and get some fucking tampons before class.

All this fucking emo tantrum bullshit, just because some little fuck shut a do-it-yourself checkout light off in my fucking face.

If I ever get my hands on that little shithead, I will kill him.

Jan. 28th, 2008

Oh America..

Why you so stupid?

No, what gets me the most is they had some guy on the news here saying that the biggest worry is depending on where it falls the technology might get into the hands of Russia or China. ... Yes, he actually said that.

OH NOES! Then they might spy on us!!!



That's what we've been doing to them.

We pretty much deserve to be spied on, amirite?

Jan. 27th, 2008

I hate Target shoppers.

Where do I go to get permission to PUNCH the next bloody fucking dirtbag retard piece of shit who says "It's on sale! THERE WAS A SIGN! THERE WAS A SIGN! THERE WAS A SIIIIIIIIGN!!!!!" in the fucking FACE!?!?!?!!!

The sign was for something completely fucking different you shithead! LEARN TO READ!!

And while I'm looking for these fantasy permission offices, I would also like to request a permit to poke the fucking EYES OUT of the next pwecious little shitly who STARES at me the entire god damn time I'm ringing her Moo up. That is the most fucking uncomfortable thing, and I can't do a fucking thing about it, and "parents" can't seem to be assed to teach their kids some god damn manners. I wish blindness on all those stupid little shits who can't keep their eyeballs to themselves.

Fuck off and die.

Sep. 5th, 2007

There are no words....

I do not even know how to begin with today...

You hear of it happening, but today... it was for reals. I had an honest-to-goodness moment where I didn't know whether to laugh... or be really pissed off.

A woman came through my lane today, buying a whole shitload of food. I laughed in my head, thinking 'now watch her pull out her welfare card'. ..... Then she pulled out her welfare card. .-_- I explained to her that we only take the cash part of the card, not the food stamp part. And of course she had to get all indignant, and asked why we sold food if we don't take food stamps? I kind of stammered "Because... people buy food," but it was such a stupid question (or maybe just the way she phrased it... I've had people ask the other way around - "why don't you take food stamps if you sell food?" - but in this order it just sounded dumb..) that I didn't know how to answer without being really offensive. Well, she couldn't buy any of the food without her welfare money (surprise surprise..), so as she stormed away with nothing she actually said, "I don't believe you don't take food stamps when most people buy food with food stamps."



Since when the fuck do most people buy their food with food stamps?

No, retard. Most people have fucking JOBS and buy their food with money they earned. Only fucking trash like you (and a few genuine people who actually need help, but those are far in between) rely on the hard work of others to buy your food for you.

And that wasn't even the most fucking retarded fucked-up piece of fucking ridiculous shit that happened today. But the worst incident was so fucking retarded I don't even want to think about it. I just want to erase it from my brain. Delete.

The ENTIRE fucking time I was in that fucking store today was full of asshattery and bullshit and I was so close to having a mental-fucking-breakdown I was shaking.

I seriously need to get shitfaced fucking drunk.

But I find I'd much rather have a cup of tea.

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