Mar. 21st, 2013

Well, would you look at that.

After forever, I finally got time to do another story. =D

Just in case you were wondering what it's like living with a demi-god and a vampire.

Jan. 2nd, 2013

At last.

♪We'll become happy together~♪

Jun. 19th, 2012

I feel like I'm finally, officially done with that place.

And here is the last story to take place at the old apartment. I feel like it's the final closure of a very short era.

And it reminded me that I don't think I ever posted the tour video of that place. Not that it's at all exciting.

But anyway. Dollies.

May. 23rd, 2012


I was going to say something really witty to introduce this, but forgot what. I'm sorry that you all will miss out on my great humor.

May. 7th, 2012

"Please don't go~"

It should be noted that I had this song stuck in my head the entire time I was working on this.

Now that that's settled~

Apr. 17th, 2012

Closer and closer.

First of all, when I was in Tokyo last week, I took a small trip to the Dolk shop in Akihabara, and bought this ridiculous outfit. Bask in it's glorious lace.
Eventually it'll go to XXXXXXX when he gets here, but for now we've stuck it on Antonio, as he claims he looks good in everything.

Cute, huh?

But more importantly, there's this.

And yes, I am still working with pictures I took when I was super-productive during winter vacation. And in two weeks I'll have spring vacation (Golden Week), so maybe I'll be super-productive with picture-taking again. .... Except that the next big thing will take a lot of preparation, so maybe not....

Apr. 6th, 2012


I've managed to move into my new place in Utsunomiya, but it was with a HUGE deal of difficulty. Because my life is full of special and bullshit. And I won't get into details, because that would take about 178 pages of bitchery, but let's just say I almost ended up with all my shit tossed onto the street. But through the power of super nice people (link because it's that same person) putting themselves out for me even though they totally didn't have to, I got moved.

Then slept on the floor for two days, because no bedding.

And now I'm in Tokyo for a while, for new job training. They've put me up in a tiny, dirty little guest house, where the other patrons come in and out at all hours of the night. Somehow, I've learned to sleep through it. And while working in downtown Shinjuku makes me go through this shit twice a day, it's also pretty exciting.

The training will be for another week yet, and today I discovered I was picked as one of the two teachers who will be teaching a brand new class the school is offering this year. (I say "picked" like I'm awesome or something, but actually it was probably a really random selection. It's not like they know anything about me as a teacher, since I haven't even started with them yet. They just needed two native teachers to be "guinea pigs" for this new thing, and... my life is full of special.) So next week I have to go through some extra training.

And, yes, I get paid for all this time. ~FTW~

Anyway. I'll talk more about the training later, probably, but really do want to keep this post brief.

Because the real most important part is~~~~~ this!
Which I actually did a few weeks ago, but my internet was being stupid at the time and wouldn't let me upload. Then I almost forgot about it.

But there. Enjoy. ;P

Jan. 10th, 2012


I think Meili has a crush on Antonio.


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Dec. 17th, 2011

He's lucky he's so pretty.

There, new story.
Where we learn a little bit more about an obnoxious pony.

Also, said obnoxious pony would only stand properly for one picture. Not ironically, it was the kicking one. He is only happy when he can kick.

The brat.

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Dec. 3rd, 2011



So-and-so is actually kind of happy. Like a boy with a new puppy.

Oct. 8th, 2011

Ridiculous tennis is ridiculous.

So at the last moment I decided to actually go see the new Prince of Tennis movie. It came out last month, but I oddly wasn't all that interested in seeing it. Until I bought the previously mentioned calendar. .^^ Somehow, that ignited the desire to see it. But since it's already been out a month, this is the last weekend it'll be in theaters, so despite the fact that I'm supposed to be in no spending money at all mode until payday (Monday... or Tuesday, whenever my company feels like it...), I kind of had to go now, or I wouldn't be able to see it.

So I went.

It was as usual. The characters were love, the tennis was ridiculous, and, of course, Ryoma wins in the end (cue eyeroll). It was a little bit darker than either the series itself or the first movie, but had the usual fun moments.

And yes, Tezuka rode Atobe. .... I mean... rode with Atobe. On a waverunner.

In one part, Tezuka needs to go find Ryoma, who took off somewhere down the Thames River. Atobe has a grand scheme to get him alone offers to take him on a 2-seater waverunner that he happens to have in England for some reason, but just as they're about to leave, some other guys show up. The others are all insisting they go too, and then Atobe is like "Fuck you guys" (maybe not in those exact words) "my watercraft only seats two and you're ruining my plan." Then, out of fuckin' nowhere, Higa shows up with a boat. And, hooray, now everyone can go.

However, despite there now being a boat that can carry everyone going, Tezuka still rides with Atobe on the waverunner.

Also, at one point Fuji literally rides in on a white horse to save Kite. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to start shipping them or something, but... wow.

Actually, Kite was pretty badass throughout the whole movie.

Shippy-wise, any hardcore Tezuka/Fuji fans probably found themselves disappointed (unless they're the "OMG, they're standing next to each other!" type...). Any hardcore Tezuka/Shiraishi fans got spoiled. The two were pretty much together always (besides the time(s) Tezuka was riding Atobe ;P ). Golden Pair fans didn't get much, but one very special picture at the end. And the original character bad guys of the movie are pretty much canon.

All in all, it was pretty nostalgic to be seeing something from this anime that I love to hate or hate to love or whatever after all this time. I would definitely recommend it to any PoT fan who has an hour to kill. It did, however, also remind me of why I don't actually care about the series itself anymore.

And in completely other news, 83 days after paying, taking the lead for longest wait for a doll ever (over the previous record of 72 days), I finally got shipping notice for my pony. And I'm happy to know he's finally on his way, but I'm still miffed that people who paid theirs off a month after I did got theirs first. WTF?

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Sep. 22nd, 2011

and so on

Oh yeah, so what I really wanted to say yesterday, but totally forgot, is that actually, of all my dolls, the longest wait so far has been for Antonio. I ordered him in late December of 2007, and didn't receive him until March 2008. He was over a three month wait.

To which he would say his wait time was also the most worth it. .¬_¬

The shortest wait was with B. He arrived exactly one week after I ordered him. Which tells me he was already made, just sitting on a shelf, waiting for someone to want him enough. =3

Now, technically I ordered the unicorn on May 6th, so it's been well over four months. But since they don't start making the doll until the layaway is paid off, my count actually starts from July 16th. So technically we're only about two months into the wait.

Will Antonio hold his title of longest wait time? We shall see...

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Sep. 21st, 2011

of the characters in my head and out

I finally broke down and bugged SOOM about when my unicorn will be shipped. They said the estimated time will be sometime in early October. So I'm looking at another two or three week wait. Which kind of makes me sad, because I have a bunch of vacation time coming up (end of semester/autumn breaks), and thought it would be really nice to have him come then, so I'd have a lot of time to play with him. But no.

I'm not necessarily upset about the wait. I know these things take time. And as I said over five years ago when I was waiting for Günter, I'd rather they take their time and send me quality work rather than rush it and I end up with a defective doll.

But what irritates me is that people who ordered long after I did already have theirs. People who finished paying off their layaways weeks after I paid mine off have already gotten shipping notices. Why is mine being held up? Are they just waiting so that I can be last or something?


But there's nothing I can do but wait. During the vacation, I'll play with and groom my other guys. I've been so busy lately, they're literally covered in dust. They need some tender loving care. Their clothes arrived, so I'll take some time to change their outfits. Maybe take some random pictures with my new camera. Maybe finish up that story that I already took all the photos for, but haven't worked on since.

Before I know it, my pony will be here.

.... And I'll be back to too busy to even touch him. .~_~

In semi-related news...

I wasn't joking when I said (elsewhere) that it'd be a lot of fun to make a chart of all my story characters. So I did it, and will share one or two versions of it here.

The first version is this.
That's the least spoiler-ful version. Since the doll stories (Back of the Sun) and the written stories have a lot of crossing over, there are a lot of characters that could be involved, so I didn't put all of them on the chart. The chart only has the doll characters that are here now and those who are/will be closely related to them, whether they're part of the crossing-over or not, and then all of the main written story characters.

The second version is more spoiler-y. Therefore, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't look at this.
That has all the names connected by color-coded lines. However, neither the lines nor the specific relationships are labeled. You can figure that out for yourselves. ;P (Though I guess some are obvious...)

And yes, that was a lot of fun. .^_^

What do you think?

Jul. 19th, 2011

why you do this?

God DAMN IT, Soom.

I love birds. .;_; I love birds more than I love unicorns. And yet, there they go, three days after I pay off my unicorn, releasing birdies.


And yet...

And yet, right after telling myself I could probably afford one if I did layaway again, I noticed... I didn't want one.

No, I mean. I wouldn't mind having one, and if one magically showed up on my doorstep I'd be pleased as punch, but... But I don't feel the burning need to have one.

I'm really just looking forward to my unicorn.

I'm so looking forward to my pony, I don't really even feel the urge to buy a birdie.


Awww~! I must love my unicorn already! ♥

But maybe in the future I'll try to snag a birdie second-hand. After I get my hands on an angel.

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May. 9th, 2011


I'm just going to come out with it.

I ordered a unicorn.

He'll be Gü's 5-year birthday present (though the storyline story will be a little different).

I didn't order the eyes or the wig, so I can design his look myself... and I'm at a complete loss for what I want him to look like. Or for a name.

It feels like it's been a while since I designed a doll character from scratch. .^^; Until I remember that I had no idea what Rook would look like until after I'd ordered him, too. I had no idea what kind of wig to get him, until I saw the one.

But I ordered unicorn on layaway, so it'll be, like, August before I have him paid off, then another three months or something before he's made and sent. So I guess I have time to figure all that out.

Anyway. I'm still on the fence about whether getting him was a good idea or not. I'd promised so-and-so would be next, but due to storyline delays, it could be a while before I'm ready for that. Whereas the unicorn won't be storyline-essential, so can arrive at any time.

But I really, really wanted a SOOM monthly limited, so... that's the story.

And if it doesn't work out and I decide I don't want/need him after all, they sell really well (usually at a profit) on the secondhand market.

It's also been a while (being, over five years..) since I announced an incoming doll beforehand. .^^ Ne?

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