Jan. 25th, 2013


I feel like I haven't posted anything meaningful in a while. I blame work.

No, really.

I don't know if I've mentioned here, but my current work situation really blows. Like, remember how I had (literally) three times more work than any of the other native teachers last year? Yeah, it's that all over again. Thankfully it's not quite three times more, but once again, as usual, I have more classes than any of my co-workers, and every time I turn around I'm getting more classes added in to my schedule. I'm now working six days a week, since one of the other teachers here up and left to move to Tokyo (and in return for abandoning her students, she got promoted to Student Care Coordinator - but that's a rant for another day), and some of her classes were pushed onto me as overtime. Then they go and add more kids classes to my schedule. All after I already had more classes than anyone else. And no, nobody else is getting more classes forced onto them. Only me. And every single day, everyone else will have at least one hour - usually more - where they have nothing to do, except me. I don't get a break. I don't even have enough time to eat while at work.

My motto the past few months has been "I don't want to be justified in my anger." Meaning, as much as I don't like my tendency to flip out over nothing, I've come to think it's preferable to having a legitimate reason for being so pissed off all the time. However, in this case, I am justified.

Two of the other native teachers here, of their own accord, have gone to personnel and told them what's being done to me is bullshit. I didn't ask them to, I haven't even complained openly to anyone, but they saw it, and stood up on my behalf, because even they see that this is a really shitty thing to do to someone. It's not just me overreacting; other people are seeing it.

Last week the staff informed me that I would have to do some special lessons this week, and the other night one of the other teachers messaged me saying he would do them for me. And he did, and I'm extremely grateful that for once someone was willing to step up for me.

I keep telling myself things will get better. I can only hope so.

So that's the work front.

On the social front, I amazingly had a friend visit me. It was odd, because this friend has straight up said she wouldn't ever come here (she lives in Tokyo). This friend has traveled all over the fucking world to attend seiyuu events, but absolutely refused to visit a friend just a few cities away. And yes, I have visited her in the past, in Japan as well as when we both lived in California. So when she out of the blue wrote me saying "I need to visit you," I have to admit, I was suspicious. We had a lovely, fun day-and-a-half of hanging out, of course, but I can't help but wonder at the sudden change of heart.

As for games, a co-worker gave me an extra copy of 'Dragon Quest IX', and I've been playing that almost every moment I'm not at work. It's rather fun, and I especially like that the characters are my own created characters. As usual, I become addicted to anything I can customize.

In story news, I posted all of 'Between the Two' over at AFF.net, so if anyone was actually reading it, it's there. I don't know if I'll finish posting it here as well. It seems a bit pointless now, and is a bit more work. I think aside from short side-stories, I'll probably just post everything over there from now on, and link it here.

Which, with that said, I've also posted the first part of the thing I wrote for NaNoWriMo there as well. It's pretty much totally un-beta'ed, as I'm really no good at self-editing, and decent betas don't exist. But... There it is. (And I usually update on Tuesdays, my only day off, for anyone who wants to follow it for some odd reason...)

Over the holiday, I was grabbed by several side-story ideas. I started writing one in one notebook, but didn't take that notebook with me to Kyoto. In Kyoto, while waiting for the bus, I started working on another story on the iPad, but am currently a little bit stuck with that, and only seem to work on it when I have absolutely nothing else to do. Then, a few weeks ago, when I was going out to eat I figured I'd do some writing on the other story I'd started, but when I got to the restaurant I realized I'd brought the wrong notebook. .>_> So I started a new one in the notebook I had with me. ... In conclusion, I'm currently working on three short stories at the same time. I hate when I do that.

And finally, on the dolly front, I'm enjoying the new boy very much. I know I've been sharing pics of him on Facebook and Tumblr, but since I haven't introduced him here, I will. So...

Meet Clay!

Yes, he's that Clay, and no, I don't currently have any plans to get a Nicholai. (But if something perfect is released.............)

Clay's head is a smidgen too big for his shorty short body, which kind of suits him, and I'm absolutely in love with him. Totally enthralled. I want to spoil the bejeezus out of him.

And in dolly story news... I've been in absolutely no mood to take any photostory pictures for months now.

I blame work.

I have no reason to use this icon, but I'm going to anyway.

Edit- Ooooooooooh~ I just realized it's Tachi's birthday. Six years! Happy Birthday, Lovie. ♥

Mar. 21st, 2011

Witnessing complete fail... Priceless.

Yes, I play on Gaia. We all know my obsession with things that can be customized, so Gaia is a nice outlet for me. It's playing with dollies, but virtual.

And I off and on play Gaia's MMO, zOMG. I mean.. the game is called zOMG, I wasn't like, freaking out about it. ;P

So today, just now, apparently someone was stuck. Sometimes the avatar will get stuck between objects, and can't move. Usually when this happens to me, I just log off for a few minutes, then when I log back on it corrects itself. But today, someone was stuck, and didn't want to log off, and someone else was trying to help them. And they did the whole exchange over shout, so everyone in that area of the game got to "hear" the conversation.

It was a total win.

Anaeon: Type /stuck honey.
Edward Pendragon: with?
Anaeon: With your keyboard.
Edward Pendragon: ok i test
Edward Pendragon: Stuck Honey
Edward Pendragon: ==
Anaeon: ...
little vampy rook: OMG! XD
Edward Pendragon: i stuck at rive
Anaeon: just "/stuck" ...
Edward Pendragon: help me get out for rive
Anaeon: type the following characters exactly: /stuck
Edward Pendragon: Edward Pendragon: / stuck
Edward Pendragon: noting happen
Anaeon: no space.
Edward Pendragon: ok
Edward Pendragon: Edward Pendragon:/stuck
Edward Pendragon: still same
little vampy rook: Wow..
Edward Pendragon: i need report waa...
Anaeon: You sir are either trying to annoy me, or are made of fail...
little vampy rook: You need a brain, is what you need.
Edward Pendragon: get out from rive
Edward Pendragon: i can't move
Edward Pendragon: help me!!!
Edward Pendragon: TT^TT
little vampy rook: It's probably best you stay stuck.
little vampy rook: Might hurt yourself if allowed to roam free.

If you couldn't guess, 'little vampy rook' is me. ;P I mean... it's Rook. He likes MMOs.

Anyway, the person eventually "offline some mins," which I assume means they finally just logged off, but... wow.

Of course, it's very easy to believe English isn't this person's first language, so hence the difficulties understanding. That doesn't make me any less amused.

I know, I'm awful.

Dec. 10th, 2010

You crazy kids.

Since we're coming up on winter vacation, I've been doing a lot of Christmas-related things at work. Today I was teaching one of my fourth-grade classes, and did a little talk about how we celebrate Christmas in my family, and then after we let the students ask any questions. Most of the questions were asked through their teacher, who is pretty decent at English, but one of the kids asked if he could ask me directly, in Japanese. She told him I would probably be able to understand if he spoke slowly, so he made a big show of talking in slow-motion. .^^ So it kind of went "Iiiiiiiiichiiiiiiiibaaaaannnn biiiiikuuriiiiii shitttteeee naaaaa puuuuuuureeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeennntooooooooo waaaaaa nnnaaaann deeeesssu kaaaa?"


Though he was being a cheeky brat, I couldn't help but crack up at it.

And I have to wonder, if he's this saucy at nine years old, what's he going to be like at nineteen? .^^;

My other silly thing is last night I was playing 'Smash Hit 2', doing doubles, but decided to mix up the teams a bit. I usually do doubles with either Tezuka and Atobe or Tachibana and Renji, but I felt like playing with Akutsu yesterday, so I split my usual pairs up, and played as Akutsu with Tezuka, against Taichi and Atobe.

From the start, I imagined Atobe throwing a fit at being paired with Taichi.

When game started, I quickly realized I wasn't going to get to play. .^^;; Akutsu and Taichi just kinda stood there while Tezuka and Atobe seemed to only be playing with each other. And at one point Taichi actually said "僕もボールを打ったいです" ("I want to hit the ball too").
Until Tezuka knocked Taichi flat on his back (which highly amuses me that that can be done in this game XD ). I couldn't help but imagine Akutsu having to be held back from beating the shit out of his own doubles partner.
.... Then he hit Taichi himself, in the face.
.............. Twice.

AkuTez pair won, by the way.

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May. 6th, 2010

Fun for the whole family!

I seriously came up with the best idea of my life... even though it's something that could never come to be. But I was thinking, if I knew someone who was good at drawing, and willing to draw a shitload of pictures for me, and if I knew someone who knew how to make/program video games, I would totally love to create a dating sim/otome game featuring my guys. XD

It'd be so cool! You, the player, could choose your gender at the start, and whichever you chose would affect how easy or difficult it would be to date certain characters. For example, if you chose to be a girl, it would become easier to date Tachi or B, but very very difficult to date Antonio, Quincy, or Rook (though there would be no effect on Günter or Luke), and vice versa - choosing to be a boy would make Antonio, Quincy, or Rook easier.

Of course, the whole game would have to be in an alternate universe, where the currently established couples don't apply.

It would play more like 'Angelique' (instead of, say, 'Sukisho' or 'Gakuen Heaven'), so you'd have to actually do stuff, instead of just picking responses. .^^ It would take place in a company owned by Antonio. Günter would be the company lawyer, B would be the... company doctor? (so nobody could ever call in sick? XD ), and so on. Everyone would have their own job within the company, and you, the player, would have to do your job (which would be comprised of mini-games), while at the same time trying to talk to/impress/date the characters. On any given [game] day, you could choose to do work, or go chat up one of the guys, which of course could also gain you or lose you love points with them. For example, if you put off work to go visit Günter, you'll probably lose love points, because you're not only ignoring your own work, but also causing him to miss his; Tachi, on the other hand, would welcome a break, so with him you'd gain love points. If you choose to do work (earn work points), sometimes a character may randomly come to visit you. If it's, say, Antonio, he'd be impressed, and you'd also earn love points with him, but if Luke came, he might ask you to put down your work and play, which if you agree to will earn you love points with him, but you'd lose the work points. And since there's only a certain number of hours in a work day, there's only so much time per day to get stuff done (like the hearts in 'Angelique').

If one of the characters starts to like you, he may ask you out after work, or for a date on the weekend. =3 That's when the love-love cut scenes happen. XD

At the end, I guess after a certain amount of time, you get either promoted or fired, depending on how much work you got done. And if you have enough love points with any of the characters, you could hook up, or if not, you go home alone. XD And there may or may not be a rival to interfere; I haven't decided yet (it'd totally be Syn XD .... and if you beat/date all the other guys, you can unlock him as a datable character.. .... which means to fully fully beat the game, and get all the voice clips and love-love cut scenes and special endings, you'd have to play it all the way through at least eight times). XD

So really, it'd be a very stereotypical dating sim, just with better characters. =P

And, of course, I'd want it fully voiced.

It'd be the best game ever!
(It needs a name....)

☆ More details may be added later, if I think of any. ;P

Ooh, and speaking of Günter and Antonio~ ::points to music::

Feb. 21st, 2010


I got all of two hours of sleep last night.... And they weren't consecutive.

Sooooo effing tired.....

With that, plus the fact that it's freezing in my room, all I really want to do is curl up in bed and play my DS.

Which reminds me!

The next game in the Ace Attorney series came out the other day, and of course I downloaded it right away. It's totally addicting, and the best part is that it's all Edgeworth. XD Which he totally deserves a game all to himself, given the way he wasn't even mentioned at all in Apollo Justice.

What I find especially fun is that since I got it the day it came out (as opposed to the other Phoenix Wright games, which I got years after they were released..), there are no faqs or walkthroughs available, which I always relied on with the other games. Only once, so far, did I get so so sooo so stuck that I went to an online forum, looking for a hint. Not the answer, because I really am enjoying having to figure everything out myself, but a hint. And I got one, and worked it out.

And I'm totally almost done with the game. .^^ That's how addicted to it I am.

....... Why do I not have any Ace Attorney icons? .o_o

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Jan. 24th, 2010

The more I change, the more I stay the same.

day 24 → whatever tickles your fancy

I didn't know what to post for this, so I went through my "misc pics" folder, which I haven't cleaned out in....... ever. And I came across this .gif that I don't remember making. ::laugh::

When I was really really into iRO, I would randomly come up with storylines for my characters (this was pre-doll, mind you. LOL). I had a thief character named Tezube, and an acolyte named Atozuka. I decided they needed to be twins who had been separated, and were both journeying to find each other. Of course, the problem is that they're on different servers, so it's impossible for them to ever meet.


Actually, I made profiles for all my iRO characters, here.

Good times~ I miss those days, playing for hours with Sasu. I wish I had anyone at all to play with now....

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Oct. 4th, 2009

I win!

Yeeey! I finished 'Doubles no Oujisama - Boys, Be Glorious'! XD And I got the super love love "best ending" with Atobe! XD


I'll upload pictures later. ;P But before that I want to try getting someone else. >3

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Oct. 1st, 2009

After so long~

Heh.. Every time I pick iRO up again, I have to re-learn how to play it all over again. .^^; I need to have less time in between urges to play. And it's sad, because I know there were things I was working toward with each character, but fuck if I can remember what it was I was doing now. I really do almost have to start all over..


Sep. 25th, 2009

Boys, Be Glorious

My character and Atobe are now officially on a first-name basis. >3

And I'm pretty sure they're planning on moving in together, but that might just be me mis-reading the Japanese. ;P

Oh look, they're on a date at the fair together.

Nope, nothing gay here.

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Sep. 17th, 2009

Ah, 'Tobe~

Teehee~ I finally found a DS game I feel the need to play to completion. XD

It's so... so very gay. XD

Though I'm only understanding very very little, I'm understanding a whole lot more than I would have years ago. Like... when I played Angelique, or Gakuen Heaven. Which is to say, if I could finish those games without knowing any Japanese, I'm confident I'll be able to finish this one.

... Hopefully. .^^

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Jul. 24th, 2009


Ah ha ha... How did I know the Apollo Justice game was going to end up being all about Phoenix Wright? XD

I think I'm coming up to the end of the game, and the whole game series, and things are getting pretty intense... and confusing.

So here are my predictions (spoilers, of course):

  • Shadi Smith is Zak Gramarye (this one is obvious)

  • Lamiroir is Trucy's mom

  • Kristoph commissioned the false evidence (this one is also obvious)

  • Kristoph killed Shadi/Zak to make sure nobody ever found out he commissioned the false evidence

  • Kristoph killed Drew, and tried to kill Vera to make sure nobody ever found out he commissioned the false evidence

  • Kristoph is the #1 bad guy of the whole series .^^;

  • Edgeworth will not make an appearance, even though he and Phoenix were clearly fucking by Trials and Tribulations

  • Kristoph was the one who tipped Klavier off that Phoenix would be using false evidence

  • Kristoph was the one who gave Trucy the false evidence to give to Phoenix

  • Valant was the one who killed Magnifi, in order to inherit his secrets

And these are the things I just don't understand:

  • What does Kristoph have against Phoenix?

  • Why did Shadi/Zak try setting Phoenix up during the poker game?

Just trying to organize my thoughts. .... Not that it matters, or is at all pertinent to life. .^^; But this silly little game is getting so complicated!


Mar. 27th, 2008


So Monday it seemed relatively warm (and by "warm" I mean, not blizzarding) when I let Kura-pup outside, and I briefly thought about switching over to my jacket, instead of heavy winter coat. But in the end, I lazed out and didn't feel like switching the multitude of stuff I keep in my pockets, so just wore the big coat. Turned out, later on it was freezing, so I was glad I wore it afterall.

Tuesday and Wednesday, on the other hand, were really warm. Like... almost spring warm. It was nice! So this morning I actually got around to moving things to my jacket pockets, and wore the lighter jacket today. Then at the beginning of class, someone mentioned it was snowing. But it was very light. Well, apparently very light turns to blizzard really fast. To the point where my teacher stopped in the middle of his lecture to say "Wow, it really is snowing! O_O" I should have known better to let this stupid state trick me into thinking it was ok to wear a light jacket.

Damn it, Michigan! This is why everyone hates you!

But I did go rent myself 'Soul Calibur Legends' for Wii. >3 OMG, after playing for 3 hours straight, my arm is SOU tired. .^^

And finally. I have to write a report on China's official policies toward its ethnic minorities... but I don't know where the hell to find China's official policies toward... anything. .-_- I thought I'd found one official page, but all it said was "We have ethnic minorities! =D" .... So not helpful.... .>_>

I'm so lost. .;_;

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Mar. 4th, 2008

Oh, Miles~

So sexy... Sooo so gay sexy....

I realize I haven't posted in a while.. Hm.. I think it's because I'm just so dissatisfied with life right now. There's really not much to post about. ::sigh::

Except that I finally got the second Phoenix Wright game (since... you know... the fourth one just came out.. .^^* ). The Phoenix/Edgeworth love is just so... so strong. X3

Oh, and I might be going to ACEN...... ....... if I can find someone to room with... .>_>

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Dec. 17th, 2007

X-Mas DS

I was thinking about what I wanted for Christmas, since I'm getting ready to do some shopping myself tomorrow (finally.. .^^*). And it occurred to me... the only things I can think of are games. .^^

So! Here's my [tiny] X-mas wish list:

clickie here )

And... that's about it. .^^

And tomorrow... we shop! (though I still don't know what to get my Dad.... .~_~ )


Jan. 16th, 2007


That's it...I've officially fallen.. .^^

I just spent the past I-don't-know-how-long looking up 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney' fanart. X3

Oh Miles.. Why are you so pretty? =3

Ooh.. What is that thing peeking out there? XD XD (hint: it's a nipple XD ) *dork* XD

Because real men wear cravats. X3


I actually really like the angle on this one. ::nod nod:: .^-^

Ooooooh~ Rivals!

Kinda... .^^

The morning after. ;P

Hellllloooooooo~ Phoenix!! Xd

I'm almost sure there are laws against attorneys looking this damn HOT. =O~~

I just had the coolest moment ever in the game. X3 I got to dust for fingerprints, which involved poking at the game to spread the powder, then blowing on it to blow away the excess. X3 And I don't mean the character in the game blows away the powder.. I mean I blew on the Nintendo, and it blew away the powder in the game. X3

I *HEART* Nintendo DS. X3

Almost got the game beat!

And I use this icon for absolutely no other reason than it's new. X3 I've wanted a "meh" icon forever, and I found myself wanting an icon of Kariya, and it all just fell into place. =3


Jan. 2nd, 2007

Love is everywhere~!

I've been loving my Nintendo DS to itty bitty bits. .^,^ And it took me a while, but I finally came up with a name for it. His name is Kariya. .^^ In honor of the end of the everyone-but-me-seems-to-hate 'Bleach' filler arc.
I'm going to miss that deliciously arrogant man.. .;_;

But anyway.

The day after I got my DS I just had to run out and buy a game. Luckily, Blockbuster was open on Christmas, so I went there and browsed the used game section. Eventually I picked up 'Lunar: Dragon Song' for really cheap. And had been playing that for a while. Then last week, while shopping with Née and the boys, I got this magical game, 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney'! X3

I am LOVING this game. X3

The point is I play a defense attorney named, obviously, Phoenix Wright. I have to run around and collect evidence and interview witnesses and use all that to get my client declared not guilty. It's fun! =D Though it does get a bit difficult at times, and I do admit to referring to a game walkthrough a few times. But only after I've tried to do it myself! .^^

Then there's another character in the game; the prosecuting attorney named Miles Edgeworth. I call him "the hot attorney." He and Wright are rivals. .^_~

So the last case I had (and won), afterward he walks up and there is dialog that makes me squee. XD
It goes:

Edgeworth: "Wright. I must say, I hadn't expected to meet you again after all these years. However. In retrospect, it would have been better had we not met. Thanks to you I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings."
Wright: "Unnecessary feelings?"
Edgeworth: "Yes. Unease... and uncertainty."
Wright: "Aren't those kind of necessary?"
Edgeworth: "They only serve to get in my way. You listen to me, Phoenix Wright. Don't ever show your face in front of me again."

And I'm like "it's LOVE!" XD XD

Needless to say, I ♥ed Edgeworth the second I saw him, and last night I was browsing around the internets for some info and discovered that in some animated trailers they had in Japan, his voice was done by...... Eiji Takemoto.


.... He's Renji.

And his original name in the Japanese games is... Reiji.


It's cosmic.

Anyway. In the game right now, Edgeworth is actually the defendant, and I, or Wright rather, is his attorney. I'm anxious to see where this goes. .^_~

And when I finish the game, I shall hunt for the fanfiction that I KNOW is out there!