Jan. 25th, 2013


I feel like I haven't posted anything meaningful in a while. I blame work.

No, really.

I don't know if I've mentioned here, but my current work situation really blows. Like, remember how I had (literally) three times more work than any of the other native teachers last year? Yeah, it's that all over again. Thankfully it's not quite three times more, but once again, as usual, I have more classes than any of my co-workers, and every time I turn around I'm getting more classes added in to my schedule. I'm now working six days a week, since one of the other teachers here up and left to move to Tokyo (and in return for abandoning her students, she got promoted to Student Care Coordinator - but that's a rant for another day), and some of her classes were pushed onto me as overtime. Then they go and add more kids classes to my schedule. All after I already had more classes than anyone else. And no, nobody else is getting more classes forced onto them. Only me. And every single day, everyone else will have at least one hour - usually more - where they have nothing to do, except me. I don't get a break. I don't even have enough time to eat while at work.

My motto the past few months has been "I don't want to be justified in my anger." Meaning, as much as I don't like my tendency to flip out over nothing, I've come to think it's preferable to having a legitimate reason for being so pissed off all the time. However, in this case, I am justified.

Two of the other native teachers here, of their own accord, have gone to personnel and told them what's being done to me is bullshit. I didn't ask them to, I haven't even complained openly to anyone, but they saw it, and stood up on my behalf, because even they see that this is a really shitty thing to do to someone. It's not just me overreacting; other people are seeing it.

Last week the staff informed me that I would have to do some special lessons this week, and the other night one of the other teachers messaged me saying he would do them for me. And he did, and I'm extremely grateful that for once someone was willing to step up for me.

I keep telling myself things will get better. I can only hope so.

So that's the work front.

On the social front, I amazingly had a friend visit me. It was odd, because this friend has straight up said she wouldn't ever come here (she lives in Tokyo). This friend has traveled all over the fucking world to attend seiyuu events, but absolutely refused to visit a friend just a few cities away. And yes, I have visited her in the past, in Japan as well as when we both lived in California. So when she out of the blue wrote me saying "I need to visit you," I have to admit, I was suspicious. We had a lovely, fun day-and-a-half of hanging out, of course, but I can't help but wonder at the sudden change of heart.

As for games, a co-worker gave me an extra copy of 'Dragon Quest IX', and I've been playing that almost every moment I'm not at work. It's rather fun, and I especially like that the characters are my own created characters. As usual, I become addicted to anything I can customize.

In story news, I posted all of 'Between the Two' over at AFF.net, so if anyone was actually reading it, it's there. I don't know if I'll finish posting it here as well. It seems a bit pointless now, and is a bit more work. I think aside from short side-stories, I'll probably just post everything over there from now on, and link it here.

Which, with that said, I've also posted the first part of the thing I wrote for NaNoWriMo there as well. It's pretty much totally un-beta'ed, as I'm really no good at self-editing, and decent betas don't exist. But... There it is. (And I usually update on Tuesdays, my only day off, for anyone who wants to follow it for some odd reason...)

Over the holiday, I was grabbed by several side-story ideas. I started writing one in one notebook, but didn't take that notebook with me to Kyoto. In Kyoto, while waiting for the bus, I started working on another story on the iPad, but am currently a little bit stuck with that, and only seem to work on it when I have absolutely nothing else to do. Then, a few weeks ago, when I was going out to eat I figured I'd do some writing on the other story I'd started, but when I got to the restaurant I realized I'd brought the wrong notebook. .>_> So I started a new one in the notebook I had with me. ... In conclusion, I'm currently working on three short stories at the same time. I hate when I do that.

And finally, on the dolly front, I'm enjoying the new boy very much. I know I've been sharing pics of him on Facebook and Tumblr, but since I haven't introduced him here, I will. So...

Meet Clay!

Yes, he's that Clay, and no, I don't currently have any plans to get a Nicholai. (But if something perfect is released.............)

Clay's head is a smidgen too big for his shorty short body, which kind of suits him, and I'm absolutely in love with him. Totally enthralled. I want to spoil the bejeezus out of him.

And in dolly story news... I've been in absolutely no mood to take any photostory pictures for months now.

I blame work.

I have no reason to use this icon, but I'm going to anyway.

Edit- Ooooooooooh~ I just realized it's Tachi's birthday. Six years! Happy Birthday, Lovie. ♥

Aug. 17th, 2012

How I spent my birthday.

This past Tuesday was my birthday, and it was.... Eeh....

Well, just read.

With pictures, of course. )

Mar. 21st, 2011


No, I-sensei. I couldn't possibly eat another bite. No... Ok, ok, I'll have some pickled vegtables. ... And some sashimi. And an onigiri. But I draw the line at ramen. I said I can't eat anymore!

Dec. 13th, 2010

to Tokyo!

I saw Antonio Suwabe, live.

Cut for I talk too much. )

And that's how you blow $100 in two days.

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Jul. 13th, 2009


So we're home~!
Actually, been home for a few days, but have been resting and working and such.

So! To continue the epic roadtrip saga~

On second thought, I think I'll cut this, for length.. )

Holy Jesus, that was long. .@_@


In other news, apparently the guys weren't idle while we were gone. So we give you~

1. Fourth


2. Sixth

Photos coming soon~

Jun. 29th, 2009

Vacation! ...and such

So, vacation is going pretty well. We started off on June 18th, driving all the way through IN, IL, IA, and NE on the first day. Stopped in Peoria, IL, to see [info]aizome, which was much wonderful, but then we later declared war on NE, because it's full of suck. Whole lot of nothing there, not even a turn in the road, and there's no gas stations when you need them. >(

We drove through Yellowstone National Park in WY, and it was the most beautiful thing ever. We fan WY. So, so pretty. And MT was very nice as well. We stopped over at my friend's uncle's place in MT for a night, and while he tempted us with text messages promising steak the whole way there.... the steak was a lie. We got chicken instead. Then the next day, more chicken. But at least he gave us some chicken for the road. .^^;

Passed through ID on our way to WA, where we spent some time in Seattle. I *heart* Seattle so much. It's my kind of city, even though walking up and down the hills just about killed me.

We discovered OR may very well be the porn capital of the U.S., as every few miles along the highway there were huge "ADULT SHOP!!" signs. .^^; Probably for those lonely business travelers who got stuck passing through there.

Then to CA, my love. Got to see my Aunt and Uncle in Paradise, and some good friends in San Francisco. Went to Japantown and the Castro District, bought lots of gay stuff, and ate a ton of Japanese food. For two days. XD

Stopped only very very briefly in Los Angeles (while passing through my old home, Salinas, where I pointed at my old house and workplaces), before jumping on a plane.......

And now we've been in HI for the past three days. And ya know.... I LOVE IT! XD Well, I could do without the heat, and the fact that almost everyone here is really well built, so I feel even more like a fat slob than usual. But everything is English/Japanese bilingual, and we're having a grand ol' time reading everything in both languages.

I have a friend who's living here with his wife, as she's stationed here in the Air Force, and Saturday they picked us up and we went to the beach. And I got to go snorkling!! It was the most amazing thing! It was like... like.... there was this whole world under the water, and I got to spy on it. There were canyons and caves and coves and all kinds of things, all under the water. And the fish! So many cute fish. .^___^ So it was also kind of like a really big aquarium. X3 If we had more time I'd want to go again, but my friend that I came here with is afraid of water, and she spent the whole time just sitting on the beach, and I don't want her to get bored or anything...

Today we went and saw Pearl Harbor. We took a guided tour of the USS Missouri, which was super cool, and then, of course, the memorial over the USS Arizona.

I don't know what we'll do the rest of the time we're here, though. Wednesday night we go back to Los Angeles, where we'll be hitting up Anime Expo (and I will be stalking Morikawa >3 ), then back home.

It's been a long and fulfilling whirlwind, so far.

Oh, and before I forget....


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Jul. 4th, 2007

The sky is on fire.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! =D

So, new semester started. I can tell right away I'm probably going to love my Asian Literature class so very very much. For reals. And then I also have the next level of German. Big fun. .^_^

Yesterday I worked the opening shift. I had to get up at 6:30am, worked from 8a-4p, had an hour to change my clothes and eat, then had class until after 9pm. It was a loooooooooong day. .@_@ And I'll probably have a lot like that this semester. .~_~

So of course I was exhausted when I got home. .... And of course that didn't stop me from staying up until 2:30am. So I was awake for 20 hours. ::blink:: Scary.

Today, though. Today was big fun. I got up early-ish, around 9:30am, and called up Nee-chan. She came over and we took the boys shopping. .^-^ I found a cute little deck lounge chair for $1.99! =D

We stopped by Burger King for lunch, and there was some crazy dude there. He was blabbing away to the poor workers at the counter while waiting for his food, and the whole time I was sitting there thinking "I just know after he gets his stuff he's going to come over here and sit by us and talk to us.. .-_- " And I was right. The "conversation" was mostly one-sided; crazy dude didn't shut up for a second, and Nee-chan just smiled nervously and I just nodded every now and then. But wouldn't ya know, not a few minutes into it he somehow got on to talking about Elton John, which inevitably led to him going on about gay people, and how he was apparently ok with the lifestyle, even if it wasn't for him.
..... Well, that's good to know. ............................ I guess. .>_>
Then it started raining and he was like "oh, I gotta get home before it starts pouring!" and he ran out. BIG sigh of relief. ::laughs:: Then I ranted about why is it no matter where I go gay comes up?? .o_O It's like, people can be having completely normal conversations, and the minute I show up it's "speaking of gay." .^^* Do I have this aura of "lets talk gay!" around me?? .^^***
Oh..... wait.... (yes I do.)

So that was that.

Then we went to Nee-chan's Dad's house. He has a big yard with lots of trees and grass and stuff. It didn't rain there, so we were able to go outside and get lots of pictures of the kids having a picnic. X3 OMG, the adorable kills me. There's a pic of them playing soccer, during which Tachi took a face-plant into the ground and ended up with a grass-stain on his forehead. .^^* Cillian spent the whole time ignoring everyone else, reading under a tree. And there are some really lovely pictures of Gunter and Syn walking together, then Syn giving Gu a flower. X3
They're all so special. And naturally I forgot my camera and Nee's house, so I can't share any right now. .^^** But trust me! They're good. =3

After that we... went to my house, and saw the entire driveway and half the street full of cars, 'cause apparently my whole family was over for 4th of July barbecue. .=_= I had no desire to be a part in anything that involved 8,000 children to be running around, screaming like dirty heathens, as well as my wish to stay the fuck away from certain people who think they're so much better than everyone else. The decision to just go to Nee's house, where it was quiet and the only other living thing around was her cat, came easily. I just ran in, grabbed my work clothes, and left.

In retrospect, I feel bad because it sort of meant blowing my dad off.... again... but.. What can I do, when the only time he ever bothers to stop by is when there's a million other people there? .~_~

Well. At Nee's house we of course played with dollies some more. .^^ Syn was showing off his new Harem Boy outfit to Gunter, and claiming his lap for a seat. Tachi ended up snuggling with Cillian. ::laughs:: My boys looked so happy though, and they were having such fun, that... I just left them there. .^^* Well, and I didn't want to take them to work with me anyway, so they're spending the night I guess. .^^

... I kinda miss them, though. .;_;

Today I wasn't scheduled to work, but one of my co-workers asked if I could take her shift so she could take her daughter to the lake for fireworks. It was only a short shift, from 6p-10p, and I wanted to work today anyway, since we get paid time-and-a-half on holidays, so I went in for her. .... And it was so dead there. .^^ I think I rang up all of 6 people all night; spent the rest of the time just cleaning up the store. We were done with all the picking up and stuff by 9:30p. .^^**

And... that's it. Now I'm home and my dog is terrified of the BOOM!s outside and I'm feeling pretty content. =3

I'd give today 4 stars. =3

edit -
Though, when I think about it..... Aside from my trip to Japan, this is the first time I've slept without Gunter in the room with me since I got him. .;_; It's just... so very natural for him to be there, and now he won't be..... .;_____; Oh noes! .;o; How can I sleep without him!?!


Jun. 3rd, 2007

Birthday teim!


Sorry I can't do anything more. .;_; Since I don't have any access to my computer, I can't even make silly pictures for you. .;____;

But I am thinking of you! =D

Perhaps later I'll think up a good present and send it to you. =D

Love to you~