Jul. 1st, 2008

Ok, fine.

I don't think I mentioned here, but I'm going to Anime Expo. And yes, it is to stalk Toshihiko Seki. >3

Because I want it to be an easy, lazy, simple con, I'm only bringing one cosplay, being Tezuka, 'cause that's an easy, lazy, simple cosplay.

But I don't think any of the people I'm going with are cosplaying, so I was like oh, I'm be cosplaying alone. And that was ok.

Until I looked around my room. And the most devious of grins came across my face.

So I'm not cosplaying alone. .... Technically.

The whole point is... Look who's going to AX with me. .^^

Ahaha... I need to be killed. .^^;

May. 22nd, 2008

So... ACEN...

Blah blah blah, will probably be half-assed because I'm lazy, blah.

ACEN 2008 )

I'll post pictures later. .... Maybe. Actually, knowing me I'll probably laze out and not get around to it.

Oct. 15th, 2007


So, as it's looking right now... I might be going to Youmacon alone. .o,o

Unless Jess still wants to go.. But Née-chan says she doesn't want to go, and I think most of the dollie peoples are going Friday, whereas I was planning on only going Saturday. And I would cry to Tabby, but that's the weekend after Yaoi-con, so I don't think she'd have the time/money/energy/etc.

So it might be just me and the boys, which is fine I guess. But it's funny because I was just having a conversation... with myself... about how I'm always alone - like, all the time - and was wondering if that was part of the reason I get so attached to my dolls........
(well, you know, that and they're just SOU damn cute. X3 )

Anyway. Last night I ordered my Mikami wig (ended up with this one, but in black. I hope it works) and ran across a cute, long, blond-ish doll wig. >3 So we're fairly sure Tachi is going to get stuck cosplaying Misa. XD XD (providing Malice lets us raid her wardrobe.. .^^ ) Then today I got a jacket, and I already have black pants (I think..), so all I'd need is a blue(? ...I think..) tie, and the coat. .... Which is proving to be the most difficult part because no long coats fit me very well. I found a good one at the Salvation Army today, but it was so long it dragged on the floor, and the sleeves were way past my hands.. .^^*

Curse this shortness!!

So. That's how things stand right now.

'Cause I'm sure you wanted to know. .^^*

Oct. 11th, 2007

Where've you been!?

Ah, Tyki, I've missed you! X3 X3

Gods! It's been, like, ten episodes since he's made an appearance! D= And, ok, so he was only in this one for 2:22 minutes... but still! .^^

But somebody needs to tell Suman that "Break Wind" is NOT a cool name for an attack. .^^***


In the process of putting my Pure Evil Genius plan into action, I've realized that currently my hair is way too short to cosplay Mikami. .>_> And I'm sure it won't be long enough by November... So I started looking at wigs.

It's a lot more difficult than I remember it being, this wig-finding business. But I've managed to come up with a few maybes.

This one, which is kind of "eeh....", but I think with some restyling and cutting and waxing, I might be able to work with.
And this one, which I'm really quite fond of. =3
And this one..
Ok, not really. But holy bewbs. XD XD

And as I was browsing pictures of Mikami, I realized I'll also need a trench coat. X3 Do you know... how long I've wanted a trench coat? It's been something like forever.

Ya know, I wish I'd decided all this months ago. .^^* I've got three weeks to put this all together. Go me.

It's pure Evil Genius!

I have had my greatest idea yet. >3

I was randomly thinking today, about Mikami and his beautiful, psychotic self. And it occurred to me that if I were ever to cosplay someone from 'Death Note', I think it would have to be him (ignoring that given my short, fat stature, I'd probably make a better Near, but....)

But I've given up cosplay! ..... Right?

And I don't have anything to cosplay to...

Oh wait... yes I do..

Then I thought about how if...

::wipes dumb grin off face::

...if I did cosplay, I wouldn't have anyone to cosplay with.

Until I remembered that tan suit I got Günter for his birthday.

Oh my GOD.

::laughs:: Then it all came together in a flash. I will cosplay Mikami to Youmacon, and Gü will be my little Light. XD XD All I'll have to do is get him a proper wig, and make him a little Notebook. >3 Oh, and get myself a suit (Salvation Army, here I come. .^^* )

Heee~! This is going to be retardedly fun. X3

Damn... I just wish there was a way to involve Tachi too... Hmm......

I was going to retire from cosplay. .^^ I swear....