Dec. 30th, 2012


First of all, in Kyoto I found an Animate store, and as I picked up a few items, I saw they were doing Tenipuri anikuji. So on a whim I did two anikujis, and ended up winning CDs of Atobe and Kite. XD Of all the CDs they had, I got two of my, like, eight favorite characters. Whee~

And then I lamanted the fact that I wouldn't be anywhere near anything resembling a CD player for several days. Woe! But I've heard them now, and I must say Atobe's is pretty amazing. ;P

So I'm home from my trip, safe and sound and a little bit sick, but overall happy I went. And exhausted. I'll do a little report and post pictures later, but for now I'll just talk about today really quick.

Today I went to Comiket, like I do every winter.

I headed over there as soon as I stepped off the bus from Kyoto, after stopping by a locker to stash my luggage in. It was pouring fucking rain all day, and when I got to Tokyo Big Sight and followed the crowed to the GIGANTIC line for the East Hall, I was miserable and paranoid about my bag getting wet and my iPad getting destroyed. The rain run-off from everyone's umbrellas kept shooting out at tiny me, and the whole time I wasn't even sure I was in the right line. So after an hour of standing there and seeing other people getting in but the line I was in not moving, I went over to a staff person and asked where the line for the East Hall was. Turns out I was in the right line, but since I'd gotten out of line to ask, I had to go to the end of the line, adding another hour at least on to my wait. In the the pouring fucking rain.

I actually wouldn't have been so irritable and pissy if it weren't raining. But after another 20 minutes of standing in the rain, I decided fuck it, I didn't need anything in there that bad. So I left the line again, and was going to just go the fuck home.

I was seriously like a fish swimming upstream, the lone me walking back towards the station against yet more hordes of people heading towards the East Hall line. But then when I got to where the West Hall was, I saw there wasn't really any line at all. I knew the West and East halls were connected inside the building, so I had to wonder if they weren't blocked off or something. Why else would everyone wait outside to get in the East Hall, when they could just go in the West Hall and walk to the East without waiting? It couldn't be that easy... could it?

Well, since I was there I gave it a whirl, and it worked out just fine. I went in the West Hall, with no line and no waiting, and walked on the inside, out of the rain, to the East Hall. It really was that easy, and I can't figure out why the thousands of people waiting outside the East Hall didn't do that (not that I'm complaining).

Then I did my annual bee-line to D-1's booth and bought all the books I didn't have. And since they are very productive, it was quite a few. =O The hot Tezuka cosplayer was there again, and this time they also had a cute Atobe cosplayer, and they were dressed as waiters. X3
But other than them, there weren't many other TAT booths. I only saw one other circle's booth; it was a little sad.

I wandered around the rest of the Tenipuri booths, and found these ridiculous things. I looked for Kamen Rider stuff, but there wasn't anything (must have been there on a different day). I got a Sakaki x Atobe doujishi (what? don't look at me like that), and with it they gave me a little fake rose (because they're classy as fuck). I bought a Tyki x Lavi doujinshi that is so porny I had to show my I.D. for them to sell it to me. XD And... I think that's all.

I didn't really stay long, though, and in the end, I don't know how much longer I can continue going. Maybe it was just the rain making it miserable, but it's so troublesome and there are SO many people that I always end up pissed off. We'll see.

As for now, I have many new doujinshi to read. =3

Dec. 29th, 2011

Comiket winning!

There should be a rule against bringing fucking suitcases to Comiket. If you crazy bitches are buying so much porn you can't carry it all like a normal person, you need to get mental help or something. Damn.

But aside from that, I think Comiket was a success. .^_^ I got (almost?) all caught up on my D-1 TAT doujinshi collection (and had the books sold to me by a super hot Tezuka cosplayer.. .@_@ ), and started working on collecting Kamen Rider doujin. .^^ I even managed to find some Kintaros x Ryuutaros books! =D They're so super cute. XD

But I'd only made it through about half of the Eiji/Ankh stuff before I said "Woah, I need to stop." I could feel a mad money-spending frenzy coming on, and had to not let that happen. After all, I'm going to Hokkaido tomorrow. .^^

But everything I did pick up looks to be cute and/or sexy. I look forward to reading them when I get back. .^__^

Oh, this song reminded me! I also got the MOST ADORABLE EVER felt Renji... thing. XD It kills me with adorable. I'll take a picture of it later so you can all die from it too. ;P

Jan. 11th, 2011


I've been neglecting this, ne? But I did want to talk a bit about my trip to Kyoto.

cut for length and pictures )

Jul. 13th, 2009


So we're home~!
Actually, been home for a few days, but have been resting and working and such.

So! To continue the epic roadtrip saga~

On second thought, I think I'll cut this, for length.. )

Holy Jesus, that was long. .@_@


In other news, apparently the guys weren't idle while we were gone. So we give you~

1. Fourth


2. Sixth

Photos coming soon~

Jul. 3rd, 2009

My beloved wife.

I won't go into details right now, until I'm on my own computer and in a more comfortable position, but...

Morikawa touched my hand. Twice.

Oh, and he's adorable in person. X3

I die.

Jul. 16th, 2008

Finally! =D

I finally finished editing and posting all my pictures from Anime Expo! .^^

Well, ok... not all of them... But all the important ones!


Ok, all the doll-related ones. .>_>

There were SOU many, that I actually had to split them up into 3 parts. It's special.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Please have a look! .^__^

Jul. 4th, 2008

And yet, not surprised..

Ya know... you would think a friend would be glad when their friends find something they love and that makes them happy. But OH no. It's not your thing, so I must be a fucking retard to have my own interests.

I guess I can be too loose with whom I give this "friend" title to.

Luckily, after this weekend I can go back to not talking to any of these people.

And I think tomorrow I'm going to break away and do my own thing for a while.

Better note, though: I got ToshiSeki's autograph. .^_________^

Jul. 3rd, 2008

Back in CA, at last!

Just because I'm sure everyone wanted to know... Antonio and I made it to LA safely. .^^

I've missed this place so so soooo much!

Ignoring that I haven't left the airport yet. .^^

The first leg of the trip was long and painful. But I ended up sitting next to a Japanese woman and her kid, which was fun 'cause I got to eavesdrop and practice my Nihongo. ;P I watched some Bleach and D.Gray-man and Oofuri and it was good until my battery died.

Then there was a quick layover in Las Vegas, where I easily fought off the temptation to throw some coins in one of the many many slot machines they have there. .^^ (and I say "easy" because I have the world's worst luck and slot machines really are just throwing my money away, so they've never been any fun for me at all)

Second flight was super quick and easy. I had the whole row of seats to myself... which Antonio promptly used to lay out comfortably in, after pilfering four pillows. XD Though he did complain that it wasn't as appropriate to his status as first class.
That part of the trip lasted all of half an hour. .^^ I spent the time just staring at the ceiling and listening to music.

And now I'm here, at the airport, waiting for teh Mew and teh Nori to pick me up. .... Which will be in about six hours... .>_>

Jul. 1st, 2008

Ok, fine.

I don't think I mentioned here, but I'm going to Anime Expo. And yes, it is to stalk Toshihiko Seki. >3

Because I want it to be an easy, lazy, simple con, I'm only bringing one cosplay, being Tezuka, 'cause that's an easy, lazy, simple cosplay.

But I don't think any of the people I'm going with are cosplaying, so I was like oh, I'm be cosplaying alone. And that was ok.

Until I looked around my room. And the most devious of grins came across my face.

So I'm not cosplaying alone. .... Technically.

The whole point is... Look who's going to AX with me. .^^

Ahaha... I need to be killed. .^^;

Jun. 1st, 2008


Waa... Kappei Yamaguchi is going to be at Otakon................

I'm really... really tempted to go..... =x

May. 22nd, 2008

So... ACEN...

Blah blah blah, will probably be half-assed because I'm lazy, blah.

ACEN 2008 )

I'll post pictures later. .... Maybe. Actually, knowing me I'll probably laze out and not get around to it.

May. 18th, 2008

teh dead...

Back from ACEN...

Will have report later...

For now, going to bandage up my feet and sleep. Probably in that order.

Nov. 4th, 2007

Youmacon 2007

Cut for length. )

Anyway. That's the story. .^^ I'm probably forgetting stuff, but I'm so tired right now I can't think straight, and my eyes hurt. .;_;

Will sleep well tonight.

Oct. 15th, 2007


So, as it's looking right now... I might be going to Youmacon alone. .o,o

Unless Jess still wants to go.. But Née-chan says she doesn't want to go, and I think most of the dollie peoples are going Friday, whereas I was planning on only going Saturday. And I would cry to Tabby, but that's the weekend after Yaoi-con, so I don't think she'd have the time/money/energy/etc.

So it might be just me and the boys, which is fine I guess. But it's funny because I was just having a conversation... with myself... about how I'm always alone - like, all the time - and was wondering if that was part of the reason I get so attached to my dolls........
(well, you know, that and they're just SOU damn cute. X3 )

Anyway. Last night I ordered my Mikami wig (ended up with this one, but in black. I hope it works) and ran across a cute, long, blond-ish doll wig. >3 So we're fairly sure Tachi is going to get stuck cosplaying Misa. XD XD (providing Malice lets us raid her wardrobe.. .^^ ) Then today I got a jacket, and I already have black pants (I think..), so all I'd need is a blue(? ...I think..) tie, and the coat. .... Which is proving to be the most difficult part because no long coats fit me very well. I found a good one at the Salvation Army today, but it was so long it dragged on the floor, and the sleeves were way past my hands.. .^^*

Curse this shortness!!

So. That's how things stand right now.

'Cause I'm sure you wanted to know. .^^*

Oct. 11th, 2007

It's pure Evil Genius!

I have had my greatest idea yet. >3

I was randomly thinking today, about Mikami and his beautiful, psychotic self. And it occurred to me that if I were ever to cosplay someone from 'Death Note', I think it would have to be him (ignoring that given my short, fat stature, I'd probably make a better Near, but....)

But I've given up cosplay! ..... Right?

And I don't have anything to cosplay to...

Oh wait... yes I do..

Then I thought about how if...

::wipes dumb grin off face::

...if I did cosplay, I wouldn't have anyone to cosplay with.

Until I remembered that tan suit I got Günter for his birthday.

Oh my GOD.

::laughs:: Then it all came together in a flash. I will cosplay Mikami to Youmacon, and Gü will be my little Light. XD XD All I'll have to do is get him a proper wig, and make him a little Notebook. >3 Oh, and get myself a suit (Salvation Army, here I come. .^^* )

Heee~! This is going to be retardedly fun. X3

Damn... I just wish there was a way to involve Tachi too... Hmm......

I was going to retire from cosplay. .^^ I swear....

Jan. 11th, 2007


I'm thinking of going to Yaoi-con this year..

Well, first I have two major things I need to pay off/save for (one of which being Tabby..), but if I can get them both out of the way and still have some money, or the ability to save up enough, I think I'd like to try and go.

And while I keep swearing to myself I've given up cosplay... I would want to cosplay. .^^* I'd want to cosplay Ukitake, to go with Günter's Byakuya, and also I think as Arisada, from 'Princess Princess', 'cause he is love. =3

But I don't know. We'll see.
And a major factor is if I can convince Née-chan (and maybe Aniki...) to go too. =3 If she (or they...) say yes, then I'll definitely go! =D

Maybe. .^^

And also because Günter wants to see Amber again. .^_~
(wait...isn't that anti-Yaoi? ;P )