Jan. 23rd, 2011

Incubus Byakuya FTW!

Dear Bleach,

Thank you for that. I take back every bad thing I ever said about you.



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Dec. 4th, 2010

BLEACH movie 4

Holy shit, that was awesome.

cut for spoilers and raving )

Anyway. I just saw it, and already I can't wait for a subtitled version, so I can know the things I don't understand.

And I totally want to see it again. But damn, 1,800 yen for a movie ticket? I'm so going to smack the next whiny American who cries about paying $8.00 to see a movie.

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Dec. 3rd, 2010

Dear Bleach,

Why bring him back just to make me watch him die again!?! That was cruel, you sons of bitches!!


No love,


Also, the wind is blowing hard enough to shake my entire apartment building. .>_>

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Nov. 19th, 2010


Hee~ Yesterday I had a conversation with a couple elementary school 5th grade girls about Bleach. .^_^ A small conversation, of course, but I enjoyed it.

Several months ago, during class, I saw one of the girls had a keychain of Byakuya attached to her pencil case, so I was like "Ooh, Byakuya!" And she was like "You know Byakuya!?" And I was "Yes, I love Byakuya!" =D (All in Japanese, of course.) Then later, maybe a few weeks ago, I saw she'd put pictures of Hitsugaya all over her folder. She looooooves Hitsugaya. And in one of the pictures he was wearing a Santa outfit, so I pointed at it and was saying "Cute!" And she says "It's Santa Hitsu!" .^,^

So yesterday I was eating lunch in their class, and sat next to her, and her and a friend asked if I knew... some anime I'd never heard of, so I said no. And she said that I did know Bleach, and asked if Bleach was popular in America. Of course I said yes. She asked if Gintama was popular in America, but I don't actually know if it is or not, so I said "So-so." Gintama is super popular here, so I assume it's made its way to the U.S., but I hadn't actually heard of it when I was there, so if it is popular, either it's been really recently, or I was living under a rock while there.

Anyway. I was then asked who my favorite Bleach character was, so of course I said Ukitake. .^_^ And the two girls were like "Ooh! The one with long, white hair!" And I said "Yes!" "Squad 13's captain!" "Yes!" And then the girl points to her friend and said "She likes Zaraki! Isn't that weird!?" XD And I said "No~ Zaraki's cool!" It was fun. ;P

I've tried to downplay that I like anime since I've come here, since I don't want people to get the impression that that's why I came, but as others have said, it's actually good that I know some anime, because it gives me something I can connect to the students with. Even if our talks are simple, between their English and my Japanese, it's something. I feel closer to them because we have a common interest.

My other fun work story is, at the junior high school the 8th graders were learning "if," and so had a worksheet where they had to write a statement using "If I had much money..." (note: I didn't make the worksheet, and I question using "much money." I think it's technically correct, but feels awkward for some reason....) I was correcting the papers, and while most of them wrote "If I had much money, I would buy clothes" or "I would buy CDs" or "I would buy a house," someone had written "If I had much money, I would buy a bear."

I laughed.

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Aug. 25th, 2010

Where did Byakuya go, anyway?

Dear Bleach,

cut for spoilers )

Though I did manage to score an UkiBya doujinshi the other day. Ukitake thinks Byakuya grew up to be mighty pretty, and then they hold hands. =3

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Sep. 28th, 2009


Quote of the day, #1:
"Oh Ash-bee~ ... 'Cause you know he's involved somehow."

"It's because Nee's a genius. .... Now if only she would use her powers for good, instead of evil."


In other news, I've finally started watching the new filler arc of Bleach... and I LOVE IT! XD Super super cool!

When I first started watching, I thought if it's all about a problem with the zanpakuto, then that leaves no room for Ishida or Chad (or Orihime... I guess...) to really do anything or have any part in it.... But as I watched and learned more, my new opinion is that actually Ishida and Chad (and Orihime... I guess...) may actually be very integral to the solution, since they don't use zanpakuto. Hmm....

Just a thought. Will probably be wrong. .^^;

Nov. 14th, 2008

About time.

So, in my grand attempt to be not sick, I vowed to not get out of bed yesterday. And for the most part, I succeeded. Only left the cozy confines of my blanket and puppy to eat and check internets and... other minor things. I spent the entire day catching up on anime that I'd fallen behind in, and at LONG LAST I finally got through that stupid filler arc in Bleach.

It's so sad that I would spend so much time watching a series I really really love just thinking "Is it over yet?" with every episode. .~_~

The only good thing about that arc was Kifune. .^^; He reminds me of me.

Also, watching all that made me really really want some UkiBya fanfiction. .>_> Fanfiction.net had some... but most were not really worth reading. So I'm still unfulfilled.

But more importantly!

I get to see my psychotic love again. X3

Am slightly less sick now, BTW. Except that I don't think TheraFlu was meant to be poured directly onto the lungs....

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Mar. 17th, 2008

I love...

I've fallen in love. .... All over again~! X3

With Szayel Aporro. >3

'Cause, clearly, I like 'em evil... and crazy. >3 >3 >3

Real men have pink hair.

Really. .^^

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Sep. 16th, 2007

Of puppies, Ren Fests, and Bleach.

Today, Kurama and I went to the Renaissance Festival. .^__^

Well, I mean, I went last week, with friends and dolls (which I still need to post pics of..), but we didn't stay too long, and didn't see too much.

I must, as usual, fully advocate doing things on one's own. There's something to say for being able to go where you want and do what you want and see what you want, without having to compromise your wishes with those of others. =3 Today, the only person I had to confer with was my puppy, and she didn't care where we went, as long as there was stuff to sniff. X3

Everyone loved her too. .^-^ Everyone wanted to pet her and said how cute she was, and tried to figure out what she was. .^o^ She got called a fox, a wolf, a coyote, an African spotted wild dog, and a raccoon (WTF? .^^* ). And she had such a good time! .^__^

She was also 100 times more well-behaved then most of the children there. Handled all the pettings and other stimulation very well, didn't try to run off or anything, and the only time she barked at all was when we were watching the joust, when the horses first came out. Then she settled right down and continued flirting with all the humans around us who wanted to pet her. .^,^
So why it took so long for them to decide dogs were ok, but have always welcomed kids, is beyond me.

But someone tell me, WTF is up with people bringing babies to the Ren Fest?? It's not like they can appreciate or enjoy or understand what the hell is going on. All they know is they're hot and tired and miserable. I swear to gods, people should need a license to be a parent. .>_< Hey, lets go give our baby a sunburn so we can get drunk and eat turkey legs! Huzzah!! .... Idiots. .-_-

Anyway! About the joust! =D We happened to sit on the side designated to cheer for England. =D =D Yey, England! XD ( ::randomly blows a kiss to Brishen:: >3 ) But in the end, the German won. XD Yey, German! ( ::randomly blows a kiss to Gü:: XD ) It was big fun.

And now I have a pooped puppy. =3

The other day (or was it yesterday?), I finished downloading the Bleach movie 'Memories of Nobody', so I just now finished watching that.

It was ok. ::nods::

I mean... I think there was way too much focus on this original character, and not enough on the characters we know and love, and are actually watching the movie for. But then, isn't that how all anime movies are?

I think it'd be more better if there could be a movie about the things we actually care about. As an expansion of the series, where we can explore things we'd really like to know. Like... what's the name of Kenpachi's zanpakuto? What is Ukitake's bankai? Just how cute was Ukitake as a child? What do Ukitake and Byakuya do when alone together? Will Byakuya ever top?

You know.. important things. XD
(clearly, examples of what I would like to see are a bit biased)

In this movie... Byakuya got all of, what, two lines? Fucking Mayuri got more lines than that! (though I will admit to squeeing obnoxiously when Ukitake first appeared X3 ) Ishida and Chad showed up (at least ::eyeroll::), but didn't do a single thing. In fact, Chad's only line was a tiny, blink-and-you'll-miss-it grunt.

Shafted, man! Shafted!

Oh Bleach. I expected so much more from you.

::streeeetch:: Anyway~ early class tomorrow. Time for beds.


Aug. 17th, 2007

Oh consumers...

Ya know... I used to think I knew people pretty well. But I can not fathom where some of the people who shop at our store get these crazy ideas like... they own the world. I absolutely love when they storm out saying "I'm never shopping here again!" 'Cause, ya know, our response is.. "please, don't." We don't want the likes of you in our store. What, you think it's going to make in impact on our sales? XD HAHAHA!! We're fucking Target! We make thousands and thousands of dollars every day! And it's not even our fault we can't change our return policy just for you. Sorry, but you're really not that special, and despite what you may think, you do not own or run or have any say about the inner workings of our store. Ya just don't. You don't have a receipt? Sorry! No return for j00~! It's our policy, and it's plastered all over every store. If you can't read, not our fault.

I won't even get in to the lady who, after I bent over backwards for her, insisted on talking to the store manager because I couldn't override the entire system for her.

Look, if an employee risks their job just for the satisfaction of rolling their eyes at you, you must be acting like a complete twatwaffle. Take a step back and listen to yourself; you'll understand.

Tonight was just full of retarded. I swear to gods.

But. I won the mystery shopper thing... again. XD Proving that I do, in fact, rock. XD

Sadly, unlike last year, they didn't give me a $50 gift card. D= I guess they stopped doing that. But the Big Big Boss got a card for me on her own. =3 So... it's only $10, but it's something. =3
Actually, me being the obnoxious Leo that I am, I couldn't help but say I'd much rather just get a gold star saying "I Rock Target Hard" to wear on my badge for a week or something. XD But... no go.
So now I have to decide what to do with my whole shiny $10! =D There's several things I've been wanting, but I've narrowed it down to a few things. 1) I need CDRs. 2) There's a candle that I've been wanting for a while.. Or 3) just use it for my lunches... The lunches one is probably the most practical, but I can't help but think, since it was a special thing that I won, I should be allowed to spend it on something I want. Damn practicality!
Ah, decisions... .^^

So that's the story. =P

Oh, and as for 'Bleach' episode... 129, I think? Totally making me want to ship Rukia x Orihime. XD


Dear GJ,