November 29th, 2012

plotting and planning and pining

Aha... I've officially moved on from saying "When the doll comes..." to "When ---- comes...." I think he just became real. ;P

But anyway.

I was able to buy ---- despite him being limited because I was saving up for ------- and -------, but I guess they'll have to get put off again, for the third time. Surely they will be cursing Rook and Meili when they find out when they were supposed to be here...

So yeah, because I was saving up for others, I had the money in my account, and that's how I got him. But I didn't buy any clothes, wig, or eyes for him when I ordered, because I didn't want to use all the extra money in my account, since it's very troublesome to get money into that account (we're talking my American account here, which is the only account linked to paypal). And why use all the money in that account, when I can just go to actual doll shops here? =D

So the plan is, when ---- comes, we're going to head down to the Dolk store in Akihabara. They let people try their stuff on in the store, so I'll be able to find a nice wig for him, and know it looks good on him before I buy it. And I'll buy him some nice eyes, and probably an outfit of his own, too (he'll be roughly the same size as Luke, so he won't have to be naked when he first gets here, but he deserves something of his own ::nod nod:: ).

His ETA should be around the end of December/beginning of January.

And this is the closest I have to a 'Do Want' icon. XD